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My Gal
J.J. Cale Lyrics

(J.J. Cale)

Now my gal don't like them red red roses
She don't like perfume
Now my gal ain't got no fancy notions
She just likes to make love all night
And sleep all afternoon

Now my gal don't drive no Cadillac car
She's got no place to go
She's just undecided
Fake it through the day
"The night time is the right time you know"

She can't sing and she can't dance
She can't walk too well
She can't cook and she can't sew
But boy she can sure raise hell
My my my, She sure gets high
My my my my my

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Comments from YouTube:

Steve NoSpinningEarth

Shame on most popular newsmedia online to not mention even with a little note the passing away of one of the greatest musicians we ever had. Rest in Peace, J.J.


one of my JJ Cale favorites. He is the man! Thank you for posting.

Jessica Eernisse Hagood

Definitely the MAN💯

Fatman Live

Perfection, I never listened to J J Cale when growing up in the 70's.. I damn well wish I had now..

Jessica Eernisse Hagood

It's never too late to learn new cultured music. BEST 💌


I discovered him late, almost missed it, now I listen a lot to you tube and admire his talent and band member's talent.

Jessica Eernisse Hagood

"Anywhere the wind blows"


+Profiledek I listen intently and discover, melody's, riffs, chords, progressions, always little, subtle tones hidden in the chords he uses. His claw-hammer finger methods gave the guitar some of this mellow sound. He could get sounds out of his guitar, that gave the song great mood and feeling!

William Fever

+GulfSouthGene What about Beethoven, Chopin and Mendelssohn??? ;) Well, let's say it's a matter of taste:)

William Fever

+GulfSouthGene It's never late to discover JJ Cale... :) I mean some people may think he was a cool laid-back musician but the truth is that he was a pure genius, waaay ahead of his time. His music stays timeless and is one of the best records to note in history. Let's be honest, I don't know of a single musician who could beat JJ Cale :) Always number one for me. In terms of music, there isn't any bigger inspiration. In terms of guitar itself, he might not be my favorite one, but his music is still the best period

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