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Without Words

See my eyes
Feel my fingertips
They know
What to say
Hear me
Without words
Without sound
Is there a way to you
You only need touch
You only need touch
See my eyes
Feel my love for you
It can never fade
Im there when i close my
"Spunning" (Spinning) in clouds of light
A finger to conquer path
To hand
I wanna try
I wanna try
You only need touch
You only need touch

Contributed by Eva O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Mist Réme

Echos of Elvis, Frankey Vali, David Bowie, and Brian Ferry. A lovely find. This is beautiful.

sara d

Totally. Same thoughts here! Maybe a bit of Roy Orbison thrown it too, I think. Gorgeous

Pauliina Soilu

I just heard this in Michael Kors ad! I love it!


what a ad?

Nigar Muzaffarova

So DO I :D

Nikita Imanuel

Yep me too😁

Amanda Ferreiro Guerra

Pauliina Soilu me tooo I was shocked when I heard it

Marta Korzan

Heavenly beautiful,  not from this world!

Alison M3

I love this song, OMG.

American Mutt

This song makes me feel like I'm cruising through a dream

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