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The Illusive Man
Jack Wall Lyrics

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Theragingsparten 1

"Shepard, your making a habit of costing me Time and Money"

Stryker Domagtoy

Sorry Can't hear you, getting a lot of bullshit on this line


A Classic. Absolutely Astonishing.


Could be the best RPG of the decade if not for Witcher 3, but this best of them all ME games. Golden ME2


The Illusive Man was a great characters, it's sad he didnt had a bigger role in ME3...


@Tim Tam's yeah real shame, it was one of the greatest character

Luke Connors

If it wasn’t for him shepherd wouldn’t have been brought to life

Tim Tam's

I dont like how he became little more than a puppet, such wasted charachter potential.

Cyber Controller 16-914

Shepard.....that's my chair.....


This chair is about the only thing you have left

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