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Just Another Story
Jamiroquai Lyrics

Nobody make a move
This kid's got you covered
He was just seventeen
Trying to get on like his dead brother
Mama couldn't do a thing for him
Though she hurt inside
And daddy wants his son back
While he knows he's still alive.

Stick up kid
Thinking you're a glory boy
Fronting that stupid toy
But you don't get that it's yourself you will destroy
Running that rock on the front line
Get to hell before your time
If you your face on the cover of High Times
Push in.

Now it occurred to me
As I awoke from deeper dreams
All this evolution
And still I don't know what it means
And it gets so hard for me to change
When there's an easy way to earn
Why should I work my fingers to the bone.

Can you give more than get
Get down
With a conscious train of thought.

Light years
Can pass me by without me realizing
I'm water in a stream
But ya got to keep it clean.

Dirty dreams

How can
So many people think they're right when
Everybody's wrong?

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Comments from YouTube:


There's nothing like early Jamiroquai. I'm telling you something. I just appreciate live instrumentation now more than ever before.

Nicholas Moore

The flute on this song is insane. Even better than on Stillness in Time, and that's a sick flute solo.


@Mario Miranda Yes absoltely!

Mario Miranda

@BaronUnderbite Synkronized has some incredible bangers though


Stewart Zender man... the original bassist. Dude brought a VIBE. Jamiroquai still rock, but there was a change when he left. Stewarts solo shit when he split kept that heavy soul vibe

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kevin braid

One of the best albums of the 90's and there were so many...A great decade of music.


This is a hell of a tune, what a way to start a "difficult second album". Amazing


I heard half a man on the radio and thought this is good. Then my girlfriend at the time bought me the album for my birthday, on cassette. I remember putting it on the first time and this track came on, and I was like woah!! What is this. Absolute killer track.

Michael Peterson

I started listening to Jamiroquai over 20 years ago in my early teens, and during that time I went to WalMart and got their "Travelling Without Moving" album. Ever since then I was hooked on their music and could not stop listening to them.


I just love the part starting at 05:54 that eventually leads into that sick section with the fute & guitar solos. Heck, I love the guitar parts throughout the whole song for that matter. Amazing track!

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