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Stories Over
Jan Blomqvist Lyrics

Once upon a time ago...
wait, that story's over, ja.
Now it's there on the street,
looking at everyone
like a stranger.
and its what you make it
ja its what you make it
no it's what we make it.
is everyone asking
how far will they take it?
can anyone say,
losing trust?
losing what we had made it.
nothing to replace
the net to catch our fall
they who know the night
the ones who owns the teacher
and the teacher owns the day.
we can't stop the train
and we can't start it either
choosing to doubt
that we were ever really meant to be free
so turn and face the day
cuz they who own the teachers
are the teachers of today

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Comments from YouTube:


Masterpiece. Love to this one

Timur Razikov

Jan has lovely voice and his music never disappoints appreciate it. keep workin

uday madaan

So calm and deep that I could listen it 100 times

C.K.2manYfaCeS Chrissie Kuhr

❤❤ wonderful feeling ❤❤


I love it...


The intro is low but all in all it is very nice ^^


Need a 8d version these days!! <3

Elisa Vieira

Very beautiful

ibtihaj zubair

It was so beautiful, i forgot who my mother is.

Guruji Rap

Expressive tune...

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