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Save Your Generation
Jawbreaker Lyrics

I have a present: it is the present
You have to learn to find it within you
If you can learn to love it,
You just might like it
You can't live without it
There's a million open windows
I'm passing these open windows
There is plenty to criticize
It gets so easy to narrow these eyes
But these eyes will stay wide
I will stay young
Young and dumb inside
I have just begun to forget my lines
If you could save yourself,
You could save us all
Go on living, prove us wrong
Your leap of faith could be a well-timed smile
Survival never goes out of style
I have a message: save your generation
We're killing each other by sleeping in
Finnegan, begin again
This one can be won
One can become two
Two can pick and choose
You could be the first
You have to learn to learn from your mistakes
You can afford to lose a little face
The things you break, some can't be replaced
A simple rule, every day be sure you wake.


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Comments from YouTube:

helena Ryuu

one of the best songs ever played. love this album. A simple rule: every day be sure you wake.

Tahir Mukic

Got into Jawbreaker through their connections with Nirvana (touring with them),Green Day (Rob Cavallo),Foo Fighters and Ween (the San Francisco show they did). All of those are some of my favorite groups. In the words of Krist Novoselic,it really is a medium sized world.

Strawberry Grunge Cake

Lol I know exactly what you mean. I love Krist in those interviews. This song and Generation Spokesmodel by Mudhoney both make me think of Kurt for some reason.

Andy Lara

Such an important song. Thank you Blake

Henrique Figueiredo Araújo

These lyrics touch me very deep. :'-)


This song is good for my depression


Zero comments are you fucking kidding me this is one of the greatest albums of the 90s and by extension one of the greatest albums of all time okay so maybe's that's hyperbole but still this shit fucking rocks and you damn well better recognize "If you could save yourself, you could save us all"


Such a classic to me. Lol

jake michael

meh... people just have different taste. I like this one better than fob's version but I don't hate either. It's probably worse to you guys because of your love and how accustomed you are to this song being sung this way. It wasn't an attempt at desecration, the message is still important. @ most people here.

Not intending to bring any hate.


The things you break... some can be replaced.

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