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JAY-Z Lyrics

"Man I worked for one of the biggest companies in New York City
He didn't own his own company, white man owned it, so they owned him
Nobody owns me though"

(Your gangster is not defined)
Your gangster is not defined by how low your jeans fall by your waist
But more how your genes stand up to their expectations
"Never forgetting where you came from"
(Your gangster, your gangster)
Your gangster is not defined by how many rocks are in your watch
But more, how many rocks you move while on your watch
(Gangsters, hustlers, republicans, democrats, pimps and hoes)
Conservatives, labor, the seller, the buyer, the product, the producer
"See you are what you are in this world"
The gangster is absorbed and adored by those that don't understand the laws that govern gangsterment
(Gangsterment, gangsterment)
Gangsterment allows you to make up your own laws and create brand new words
Gangster mentality
(Gangster mentality, an American way created by the white
Mastered by the black, and absorbed by the fiends, taxed by the governmentality, charted by Forbes
If you believe in Jay-Z then you too can be a gangster)
Then you too can be a gangster by any means necessary
By owning that dream, I mean it's a long walk to freedom but
While deep, deep, deep inside the bush
(The war on terror screams, damn it feels good)
Damn it feels good to be a gangster
(To be a gangster, swagger is not a must, it's a liability, a cliche, a bad suit
Cut the bullshit, you know if it wasn't for this, there would be no that)
Which we call, the American Gangster

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Hector Luis Delgado, Idris A. Elba

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Comments from YouTube:

Shireen Barry

This was not only an album………it was a way of LIFE 💋

Jim Bo

Listening to this album while driving in the evening hits DIFFERENT.

The Betting Public Sports Show

Bleek ate on this like never before or after.


Jay wrote it...
Bleek lives off Production and Royalties

Señor Robbie

Bruh, you ain't neva lied....definitely his crowning achievement....son was hungry for real!!!

Gigs Gee

Bleek did go hard in the paint on this one. Only problem with it is the song felt rushed. Maybe add some more bars or a hook with Jay on it for a finishing touch. The potential was definitely there for sure. Just makes me wonder if it was his own creative lyrics or if Jigga had already wrote this song for him. And I say that with all due respect cuz I wanna give him benefit of the doubt. Still a hard ass track no matter what though.


bleek spat that verse like his life depended on it.

Sean Triplesevyn

Someone left this album in the stereo in my student lounge in highschool. I don’t even remember why I checked the deck at that moment but I’m glad I did. Thanks to whoever did that. Lmfao

Kenneth Holloway

My favorite intro

KD Bmore

Bleek killed this!

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