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For Blood for Glory for Honor
Jeremy Soule Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Lorene Holderfield

Ah, Jeremy Soule! Your music has been near and dear to my heart from the beginning, just like The Elder Scrolls series. I cannot imagine the world of Nirn without your musical talent and imagination in it. Thank you. :) <3

Emperor Himmelsk of The Virgo Supercluster

It is mundus! All hail Boethiah! All hail the deadric prince!

Lorene Holderfield

@QuantumAlt , yes, that. Excellent music regardless! ^_^ <3


I think you mean Aurbis. The music is not just on Mundus.

Mikko Happonen

This brings just so many memories from 2014. Logging in, anxiously waiting for the adventures to come. Man i wish this still would be the main theme.

IEnglish 420


Ryan Thompson Guitarist

Sounds like The Cemetery from Batman Returns in places


Attrebus Mede

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