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Jimi Hendrix Lyrics

Announcer: (Mitch Mitchell)
Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to radio station exp. tonight we are
Featuring an interview with a very peculiar
Looking gentlemen who goes by the name of mr.
Paul Crusoe, on the dodgy subject of are there
Or are there not flying saucers or... ahem, UFO's.
Please Mr Crusoe, pleased could you
Give your regarded opinion on this nonsense
About spaceships and even space people.

Mr Crusoe: (Jimi Hendrix)
Thank you. As you all know, you just can't
Believe everything you see and hear, can you.
Now, if you will excuse me, is must be on my way.

Announcer: (Mitch mitchell)
Bbu...but, but...I, I, don't
Believe it...

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: JIMI HENDRIX

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Tom Wilkins

So where do I purchase my ticket
I'd just like to have a ringside seat
I want to know about the new mother earth
I want to hear and see everything
I want to hear and see everything
I want to hear the sea everything
Aw shucks
If my daddy could see me now - everything, everything, everything, everything

All comments from YouTube:

Bonnie Speeg

Where did our 50 years go, Jimi? Where?


you don´t know about the last 50 years? well don´t bother to inform yourself
just keep hanging around ´round1969 mental + mentality yeah that is way better

a pimp named slickback

You was off the lsd huh Bonnie🤣

Gary Miller

Bonnie Speeg
When he died I placed his photo on my front door and surrounded the door with black crepe. Never did that for anyone else ... RIP

Tryptamine Odyssey

I love the phantom-like quality to Jimi’s voice, It sounds eerily beautiful. Almost like a faint whisper, echoing in your head, being directly transmitted by Jimi himself from some distant plane of existence.

Steven Worth

Ya, this dimension suck uuugh


The smell of a world that has burned , well maybe,maybe it's just a change of climate , what a prophet he was and that more than 50yrs ago.
The word genius is not enough to cover Jimi's capacities.

Grandpa Ramone

I have 104 jimi CDs and have heard many more .this is a first for me. Thank you Captain Midnight!!!!

André Hof should keep looking for this uploader, or find the it

Dusty D. Murphy

50 years after he died , and he's still #1 on any guitar player list!!! He's why I play guitar still, and my older brothers the reason I started playing!!!

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