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Hear My Train A Comin'
by Jimi Hendrix

Well I wait around the train station
Waitin' for that train
Take me, take me, take me away
From this lonesome time, lonesome time
Too bad you don't love me no more, girl
Too bad you people want me down

Tears burnin' me
Tears burnin' me in my eyes
Way down, way down in my soul
Tears burnin' me way down in my heart
Too bad you don't love no more, girl
Too bad you and me have to part, have to part

Hear my train is coming
Hear my train is coming
Hear my train is coming
Hear my train is coming

Well, I hear my train a coming
Hear my train a comin'

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Jimi Hendrix

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You can't be authentic blue man without at least one song about a train.

Dimas Vicente

@Brandovichie woodstock
janis joplin
sua voz rouca
joan baez
jimi hendrix
sua guitarra
the two
joe cocker
sua voz
viva o rock
and roll...
meu livro
arte e poesia
em breve
na editora


@wayfaringshaman The train symbolizes the passage from life to death, start to finish, end of the line.
Trains are not cocks in the blues.

mr. vain vice

@TruthFoot trying to white wash blues like y'all did rock n roll???

mr. vain vice

@TruthFoot actually it did sorry

Ettnoll Bajen

God damn true brother!

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Jimmy J

Jimi Hendrix wasn't the Greatest Guitarist of All-Time because he was the Fastest or Played the Most Complex Chords... he was the Greatest of All-Time because he gave us Absolutely Everything that he had, Every Single Time he performed for us... Whether it was a Studio or Live Performance. He Always gave us Every Single Piece of his Heart and Soul...

Ben JayToken

you can hear it particularly in his layering and attention to detail, it was always as immaculately fitting as it was inventive


I thought he was going to say that Jimi wasn’t the greatest of all time 😂


@Brandon no hendrix version of voodoo chile is way better then stevie. not to say Stevie was bad its not about technique but hendrix takes us to different worlds.

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