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Hear My Train A Comin'
Jimi Hendrix Lyrics

Hear my train a comin'
Wait around the train station
Waitin' for that train
Take me
Take me away
From this lonesome time
A whole lot of people put me through a lot of changes
And my girl done put me down

Tears burnin' me
Burnin' me
Way down in my soul
Way down in my heart
It's too bad you don't love no more, child
Too bad you and me have to part, have to part baby
Have to part

Hear my train is coming
Hear my train is coming
Hear my train is coming
Hear my train is coming

Gonna make it bigger
With all that's still in my heart
Gonna be a magic boy ooh child
Gonna come back and buy this town
An' put it all in my shoe
In my shoe baby
You make love to me one more time girl
So I give a piece to you baby
Hey hey hey

Hear my train is coming
Hear my train is coming
Here come the rest of my soul
Movin' through the washer baby
Hear my train a comin' yeah yeah

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Written by: Jimi Hendrix

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"When the power of love overcomes the love for power, the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Jonathan Britt

@Krypten_Bekk yea too bad you had to look that up

Jason Graham

@Quinton Day alright I love this one

Jason Graham

So never

mr z

If you want to change the world you have to get your head together first.. another quote from Jimmy

David Thompson

Damn right

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Michael Ulbricht

There's definitely something divine about Jimi's playing. From his debut album until his untimely death he unleashed stunning masterpiece after stunning masterpiece. Nobody's even close to him. You had to be there to truly appreciate just how phenomenal he was and still is...Peace y'all!

bruce papp

My take is that it's no coincidence he's from the area in Washington state near the Channelled Scablands....a scene of the near obliteration of human kind 13,800 years ago. Possible cause earth being too close to a comet debris trail.....apocalyptic obliteration raining down like fiery serpents from the heavens...the all encompassing obliteration rebirth and redemption that can be heard and felt in Jimis music... body mind and soul.

Alfred Estrada

Yes he was special


no one ever like him

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