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Jimi Hendrix Lyrics

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Jimi Hendrix experience"

"I see that we meet again hmmm. Yeah well, well, well. Dig
Dig, I'd like to get something strait, we umm we got tired
Of the experience, and every once in a while we're blowing
Our minds too much, so we decided to change everything around
And a call it 'gypsy sons and rainbows' for short nothin' but
A band of gypsies. We have billy cox playin' bass, and um from
Nashville Tennessee we have lary lee playin' guitar over there
We got juma playin' congos over there, juma, and we have granny
Goose, oh I'm sorry Mitch Mitchell on drums over there, and we
Got jerry velez on congos too. You got yours truly on Pete Whistle
What me worry? Gives us about a minute and a half to tune up ok
Like we only had about two rehearsals so a we'll only do a primary
Rhythm thing, I have mine thank you
I have mine thank you, baby"

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: JIMI HENDRIX

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Comments from YouTube:

Ryan H

17 minute lesson just on the intro. Oh man, this gonna take awhile...

mauricio Gonzalez

@Ryan H once you get Little Wing down right at proper speed (best part is it sounds great in many different speeds) you’ll be hard pressed to find many songs that challenge you. At that point it’s just more specialized stuff. I.e. metal/classical etc. but for basic rock music across the board you can now basically play anything ;)

Ryan H

Thanks all for the advice. I decided to go back to this and really dig in about a week ago. I downloaded the song and put it into an app that slows down and loops tracks. I can now play along to it at 80% speed. It feels incredible and sounds great with my G&L Legacy through the clean channel of my Boss Katana. I feel really inspired to keep learning challenging songs like this because it really does make you a better guitar player!

Dabs & Tea Time

Kristian Nenadovic just around 3 years. Hbu?

Kristian Te

@Dabs & Tea Time how long have you been playin guitar :D

Dabs & Tea Time

Jeigh Neither nothing beats these voicings if you only know cowboy chord too ! Sooo soo good

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javier gallegos

jesus christ a few months ago tried this song, and i coudn´t even pass the half part of the intro, then i realized how weak my fingers were, i started exercising techniques, leaks instead of learning songs,pushing my limits everyday, then yesterday this lesson came into my mind, i was afraid at first, but when i started playig  it i was amazed how i could nailed it just in a hour. now i dont even wanna see the next video hahah, i dont want to ruin my happiness right now. thank you so much for you lessons :)

Karl Vocoda

This just happened to me funnily enough. I tried about four times and failed in the first few bars, but now I pretty much learned the whole intro in an hour. I purposely tried to learn some easier but still, Hendrix influenced tracks, like John Mayers Gravity along with some SRV licks to build up my speed and right-hand technique to give me the techniques i needed to learn this.

Tom Hawkins

Wow! just the creative vision to compose this work, aside from the technical mastery to execute it, really illustrates Hendrix's brilliance. It is no wonder he has influenced every generation of rock guitarists since. Thankyou Carl! you have made my life as a guitar hack a better place.

Jullian Jaravata

This is my first time learning it, i started about 10 months ago and i didn’t find this so hard, i also do exercises like chromatic patterns, finger stretching, etc... I’m about 6-7 minutes in but had to sleep due to school.

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