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Earth Blues
Jimi Hendrix Lyrics

Well I see hands, and I've seen tear-stained faces
Reaching up but not quite touching the promised land
Well, I taste tears and a precious year is wasted
Say lord please, send us a helping hand

(Love, love, love) lord, there's got to be some changes
(Love, love, love) gonna be a whole lot of re-arranges
(Love, love, love) you better hope love is the answer
(Love, love, love) yeah, it better come before the summer

Well, everybody can hear the sound of freedom's beating heart
Sirens flashing with earth and rockets stoning
You better love me like it's gonna be the last time
And tell the child to bury daddy's old clothes

(Love, love, love) yeah, they're talking about getting together, yeah
(Love, love, love) together for love love love
(Love, love, love) you better hope love is the answer baby
(Love, love, love) I think you better hope it comes before the summer

(Everybody) everybody
(Everybody) every sister
(Everybody) every mother
(Everybody) to feel the light
(Everybody) it's shining bright baby
(Everybody) everybody, we got to live together,(everybody) oh

Right on baby

Feel those earth blues coming at you baby
Don't let your imagination take you by surprise
A queen and me i, one day, visualise
My head in the cloud, my feet on the pavement
Don't get too stoned, please remember you're a man

(Love, love, love) lord, there's got to be some changes
(Love, love, love) people together is gonna be a whole lot of re-arranges
(Love, love, love) you better be ready, my lord
(Love, love, love) just hope love comes before the summer

(Everybody) everybody
(Everybody) got to feel the light
(Everybody) you gotta feel the light, baby
(Everybody) everybody
(Everybody) we gotta live together
(Everybody) keep it together
(Everybody) right on together
(Everybody) oh yeah
All standing together for the earth blues coming at you baby
(Love love love)
(Love love love)
Love love love, right on
Feel those earth blues coming at you
Gotta get it all out together yeah yeah

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: JIMI HENDRIX

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Comments from YouTube:

Retro Fan

I wish I could of met him. I'm just 33. I don't use drugs but his music always gives me a euphoria. I'm not kidding when I say that after hearing his music sunsets and the like were more beautiful to me.

William Jones

I'm 66 now- Jimi influenced me to start playing guitar at 17 when he died (1970)-it was magical then, and never ceases to be for me. A spiritual man.


i think when you channel your talent & experience into something you love to create, your inevitable result is some art most folks will like especially if you approach your work with a precocious-like honesty derived from that talent & feeling we have inside us.

Tony M

I'd rather see ya get high on music .Stevie Ray Vaughn proved after he got sober, that music is as good or better when you're straight .BTW, Retro Fan (cool handle)it's could've or could have .not could of. I'm neurotic, sorry.


I know what you mean mister Rentro Fan

Trevor G Welch

Retro Fan I never used drugs and have listened to his music since 1972

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Pope Cannabis Sativa THC TCHC

More Hendrix SoundboardRecordings like this NEED TO BE SHARED!!!!!!!!! ThankYou, Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Awakening ́Ω`

One of the best solos I've ever heard

arthur augusto

Man Jimi was on fire but that bass was out of world, even if is a earth blues

Mac Mays

Hendrix had to be an aliean from another planet. He was absolutely transcendtal, nobody EVER like him.

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