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Jimmie Rodgers Lyrics

Where are you going
My little one
Little one
Where are you going
My sonny
My own
Turn around and your two
Turn around and your four
Turn around your a young man going out of my door
Ohhhhhhhh my little one
Where are you going my little one
Little one
Little swim suits and petticoats
Where have you gone?
Turn around she's tiny
Turn around and she's grown
Turn around she's a young wife with babes of her own
Ohhhhhhhh little one
Turn around and their tiny
Turn around and their grown
Turn around
And they're gone
And you're there all alone

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Comments from YouTube:

Primrose Haran

Beautiful song beautifully sung love jimmies voice

Debby Stacy

Beautiful happy sad nostalgic and bittersweet all at once. Only Jimmie could give so much love, beauty and emotion through this

Annie Fischer

I adore this gorgeous song!


Many thanks for this - have been searching for it for ages; as with many other songs, Jimmie's version is the best.

Ed Weichsler

I clearly remember when this song was used in a KODAK commercial (sung by its author Harry Belafonte) and played every Sunday evening on THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY. When it came out in the autumn of 1963 as a single, sung by Dick (St John) and Dee Dee (Mary Sperling), I fell in love with it and up until today, it remained my absolute favorite version.

Then I was sent to YouTube by a Facebook post indicating Jimmie Rogers had sung the song. In a word, WOW! The fact it was the B side of my favorite Rogers song tells me I should have flipped the 45s over a bit more often.

Karen Robinson

My Dad loved this song and now I do. Hopefully my children will as well one day

nape jack

fantastic song, great Jimmie!

Michael Rodgers

Thanks so much for posting my fathers music. I am enjoying your selections of his work very much.
Happy New Year? Michael Rodgers.

Lori Riley

Michael Rodgers I can't begin to tell you how much your father's songs were a part of my childhood. My dad absolutely loved Jimmie Rodgers and played his music often. I grew up singing along to Honeycomb and so many others. In the late 1970s, my mom bought tickets to see your dad perform in Orlando, Florida. Before presenting my dad with the tickets, my brother and I did our own incredibly bad rendition of Honeycomb. Of course my dad loved it--we all went to the performance and had a wonderful time.

Jared Irvine

I loved Jimmie Rogers. We all did

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