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John Cage Lyrics

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Alex Crish

Man, I can't get this tune out of my head for days, what shall I do?


its literally nothing but wow, when is the next video gonna come out man...Collab?


♫ One, two princes kneel before you
That what I said now
Princes, princes who adore you
Just go ahead now ♫

Now you have that stuck in your head instead, but for weeks


Try to imagine the very ending of the song. They say it helps to get a song out of your head...

le bébé



See a doctor u might be deaf

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I can't even begin to imagine how quickly the world would set on fire if John Cage were allowed to copyright this.

Xertias Strat


Only stupid people will like it

i mean u cant even like it
there s nothing
no sound
it s not even music

tf is that

and i love music and i make and listen a lot
but just wtf

Lamppost 🦕

@Dennis Dobrovolsky actually 4'33" is specifically the unique sound produced by Earth. It's not in a frequency we can hear, but it's all around us, and being separated from it causes anxiety. Space does not produce this sound, so the silence of space is exempt

Stuffed Heart

@Statoil Bensin Another hater of a masterpiece, smh

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