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John Cage Lyrics

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Impact sound
Impact sound
Impact sound
Impact sound
Impact sound
Impact sound
Impact sound
Impact sound
Weird sound
Impact sound
Impact sound
Blender sound
Piano sound
Rubber duck sound
Impact sound
Impact sound
Falling sound
Drinking sound


Para sa mga module niyo. Mabait kac ako. Grade 10.

Characteristics of chance music that can be deduced from the vedio:

Man-made and doesn't include musical instruments.

Other objects than can be use to create sounds:

-Kitchen materials/tools

Module lang kapatid...

BW Acuff

It's just as easy to define the difference between music and sound as it is to define the difference between speech and sound.

Music is the purposeful creation and corralling of sound, in meter.

Of those 5 criteria only the last is required for music to occur: meter. Without a beat we have to be told that "music is occurring" which, if you have to be told that a form of communication is being used, then that attempt to use that form has failed.

You can use any sound in the production of music but it won't be recognized as music unless there's a defined beat that can be discerned by the listener.

This is why people can tell the difference between speech and rap.

John Cage didn't understand music.

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The audience doesn't realise that they too are being played, that they are one of the instruments. Their reaction and laughter is part of the composition. (As people have already noted below.)


"I'm not locked in here with you!
You're locked in here with me!"


“millennial humour is so weird and nonsensical, back in my day jokes were well constructed and delivered”
what people were laughing at in 1960:

Ameir Rivas

I laughed, does it mean that im from 1960?

Mark Okoume

Yeah, that’s what people are saying... 🙄


But he's serious composer

Tyler mg

They had great taste


Iae Man.

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Eduardo Jiménez

Instead of getting angry because of the people laughing, I just take it as an element of Cages piece.


I WILL SMACK SHIT IN MY HOUSE AND I CALL IT ART. Yeah bro i don't think so

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