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John Cage Lyrics

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The Slip You were just a baby I was four years old Playing war…

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Tom Furgas

Cage's "Number Pieces" are among his most poetic and mysterious works. The "time bracket" technique proved to be a very enduring idea, as it was used in about 40 works composed in the last years of Cage's life. The indeterminacy is still there; each performance of these pieces will sound different due to the unpredictable placement of the notes in the various parts. Additionally, in this work the percussion part will always sound different, since the performer can select the various percussion instruments used. The player numbers the instruments in any way then plays them in accordance with the numbers in the score.


Dieses einzigartige und anspruchsvolle Meisterwerk braucht die tiefste Virtuosität von allen Solisten. Wahrlich spannende Aufführung!

Mark Jolyon

Pure genius—

lemurian chick

This reminds me of the part in "L'Eclisse" by Antonioni where the lights go on...

Oliver NP

They need to use this piece in a horror film...

Paul Szikora

Celesta sound was "celestial" until Bartok made it "scary". A sound can be "celestial" or "scary". But cinema habits makes us believe that a sound signify one only thing, like a word in a dictionnary.. It's false. There is many sense you can give to a sound. Unorganized pitches can calm your mind in a forest. Don't give up listening that kind of music. It is the way out of the matrix

All Art


Yves Tenret

Ecouté en lisant Anne de Fournel.



Ethan Hill

What one does not hear is the music in JOHN CAGE's compositions.

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