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My Favorite Things
John Coltrane Lyrics


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Euan Elliott

I'm just beginning to discover jazz at the age of 56, and I love this stuff.
I also like Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck and Gerry Mulligan.
How did I miss all this stuff when I was younger?
Better late than never.

Faivre Jean-Michel

@Euan Elliott  I've been listening jazz sometimes since highschool when a friend introduced me to it, but I thought I discovered it during my twenties, then better understood during my thirties, now again at forty I feel like really enjoying it, but pretty sure I'll re-discover everything in my fifties...

Joe Schmoe

@Charles bet your ignorant

Tony Johnsen

I'm 22 and have discovered alot of music for my age, as I am quite interested in music. What music I discover when I'm 56 I just cant imagine, I almost cant wait.

Grant Glasser

@American Patriots ?i? L.


Love you man, but that's a shame! :) Most people are raised up listening to jazz. It's the people you hang with. Nice start, but listen to Jimmy Smith (The Sermon). Listen to it several times, carefully, to all of the artist. Incredible. Kenny Burrell that was playing on that album, is still alive at 89!
You're right, better late than never.

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Mr x

In Vietnam I was ridiculed endlessly for listening to jazz like this and others of note during the 60's, you guys know them, Thelonious Monk, Dave Brubeck, Charlie Parker etc. but I found the music replaced some of the pieces of my soul that war stripped away on a daily basis. I probably owe my existence today from this genre of music.


Bravo, my friend. Glad you're still with us and sharing the music!

M Ellis

Mr x, I pray that you find peace for what you experienced. I thank you for your sacrifice for our nation.

b ox

In anywhere people will say "what the hell are you listening to" if it isn't on MTV right now, what they don't know is that music like this used to be on MTV, miles davis was on MTV. If they grew up during that time they might be fans of miles davis simply because he was on TV.

In other words; other people's opinions are worthless and they don't think about the music as much as if it's popular and if they can feel like they belong by liking it.

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