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Beating My Heart
Jon McLaughlin Lyrics

[Verse 1]
There are times every now and then
I forget why I'm breathing out
And why I'm breathing in
And I get so sick with the little things
I cant relax when it's happening
To know what it means
It means

And then I open my eyes
And I know you're beating my heart
Beating my heart
Look at the sky
I know you're beating my heart
Beating my heart
I go extra miles to show
That you are the one thing that I've got
Look at the sky
I know you're beating my heart
Beating my heart

(verse 2)
There's a sun coming over the horizon
I wanna know where its coming from
But doesn't everyone
Its like who am I
And why am I here


This whole world will take me down
Without you standing by my side
My side
You're holding onto me
You're making everything inside
Come alive


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Comments from YouTube:


This song gives me such a calming vibe, it sometimes make me cry knowing that God is ALWAYS looking out for me, even when I think Im pretty much alone in this world... beautiful song, wish it wasnt so underrated!

Cledyston Dos Santos

It is beyond me why his label won't invest more on marketing him!! He is so talented and such a good songwriter!! His voice is beautiful and he looks amazing!!! He should be getting all the money the Nicki Minajs and Katy Perries are!! Life's really unfair!!!


Still one of those songs I could leave on repeat! Shame that it's so underrated :(

Cut Tv

Sebizzar , i agree. I love this song

Joseph Budd

THIS ^ ... back when I had it on CD, I put the cd player on repeat for this song! FLIPPING LOVE THIS SONG.


+Sebizzar yea i wonder why too


@Leonel Lomas
I will too when I get to drive places lol

Leonel Lomas

Hell yes I agree 100% I do it everyday at work and it never gets old. Outstanding song.

aula mustafa

that one song where every time you listen to it, even years after, you fall in love every single time !

Elise Fincher

I love jon Mclaughlin it still amazes me how incredibly underrated he is for such a talented and versitile artist he cam sing better than most of these new pop artist that couldn't sing their way out of a paper bag. On another note at the end of the video where he is playing piano on the beach he really reminded me of the character schroder from charlie brown.

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