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Jonny Greenwood Lyrics

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Like the psycho commenter said, it has slightly similar vibes to the works of Bernard Herrmann..but he’s one of the greatest film composers of all time, so Bernard herrmann ripoffs/inspired film scores will be everywhere.

Aside from that the score for Jackie composed by Mica Levi uses strings, pitch-bend and microtonal intervals and is fairly similar to this.

Also someone else said Shawshank Redemption is similar.

Or if not it cold just be that it sounds like a bunch of avant garde or classical composers. Folks like Arvo Part, Stockhausen, Gloria Coates, Litegi, Xenakis, etc are all generic modern classical music names who some could compare to this piece if they wanted.

Also Juelz Santana’s second album has a few bangers like this my nigga

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Patrick Day

I really do believe that the score plays a big part in a movie, this is a masterpiece of a score.

Andrew Murray

The greatest movie of all time with the greatest music of all time


At first I thought wtf is this, it didn't seem to fit a film set in the American West of this period, then when I saw Jonny Greenwood's name on the credits , I literally did a double take I had to rewind the video to check I wasn't seeing things , it all made sense. What a journey that man has had, I listened to The Bends non stop in '95 in my first car on cassette player for months.


Me too. The music caught my attention straight away, couldn't believe it when I saw Jonny Greenwood's name on the credits at the end ,but explained everything.

Just AGuy

Great score

Aaron Forte

I agree. That's why I love documentaries by Werner Herzog. He scores all his films perfectly.

Niko Putica

Kubrick would have loved this. Well done, Mr. Greenwood!

Niko Putica

@al gore BRAVO!

al gore

Adrian Brent you’re straight up wrong. kubrick pioneered a massive amount of filmmaking techniques that had never been seen before, and every single director today is influenced by him in one way or another. the entire sci-fi genre as it is today wouldn’t exist without 2001: a space odyssey, for example.

Adrian Brent

Stanley is overrated. And over hyped.

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