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A Fat Boy Wedged Painfully On an Inflatable Slide
Josie Long Lyrics

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@Camp Matthew Haha...stupid. You weren't smart enough for a comeback, and that's your reply? Was that ever in doubt? You waited a week, until after the trial to say that? Everyone with half a brain knew he wasn't going to be found guilty since the lemming Republicans are too meek to think for themselves. Hey..just like you!

Funny how some Republicans admit he was guilty, but voted to acquit "for the greater good". With a majority of the U.S. seeing trump as guilty, lets see how many of those Senators get voted out.

The impeachment will forever be a stain in history for trump. Now it is a stain for the entire Republican party, except for Romney.

Go watch more Fox news to try to formulate a response.

timber wolf

Crimea 2014 'Russian Invasion'

Crimea 2015

Crimea 2018

People stop tanks

timber wolf

@Gladissims dude do your homework

Givi funeral

Crimea 2014 "Russian Invasion"

Cmea 2015 "Celebration of Russian Invasion"

Crimea 2018 "Celebration of Russian Invasion"

People stop tanks


Chanting thank you to Russia

Soldiers walked through town

Kill his comrade


Better documentary bloody

Mild documentary

Leaked calls

Moterolla givi parade

Parade donbass

chris hurt

Emmett Hardie no fuckstick im not embarrassing myself , been following all this very close , everything i said is correct , keep thinking your right , and like these other low IQ people party it up thinking your right , but hurry up , itll be short lived , give it a month , maybe 2 .... trials started and Democrats havent presented anything , why is that ? 🤔🤔 because there is nothing , uranium 1 is common knowledge , like Token Obama handing iran 150 Billion in cash , id imagine youll say for assets frozen 😂 where are these assets ? Why paid in cash ? Why not digital ? Or how the IRS paying illegals 4.2 billion in tax returns - Obama ‘again’
Why secret hearings in the basement , no lawyers , no questions , no witnesses , no due process , has to prove innocence , uh no , innocent until proven guilty , bit no crime , Kudos , you support socialism —now crying saying ( not a fair trial ) because their still hoping to find something , they have nothing , and they arent in charge anymore , so blaming the Senate for covering up , right , covering up what ? Money wasnt w held , got it before the ending due date, transcript was released ‘ after Schifty read a complete bogus version of a call he never heard , Russia BS fell flat , 40+ mill shot , no crime , now Ukraine , The money was to fight corruption ,so yes he would ask about corruption ( Biden ) its his job , low and behold Trumps abusing his power , quid pro quo - sorry Dum Dum that was Biden getting the prosecutor fired & telling them they wouldn’t get their money and had 6 hrs to do it in - why ? Because the prosecutor was investing Hunter Biden 😳 let me guess you didn’t see that recording along with the rest of the world right, Biden bragging , what about Schumer Pelosi Kerry , All of them have sons on various energy companies in Ukraine, I thought they were against fossil fuels or am I wrong about that too ? 😂 hey how about schifty having to employees working for a think tank funded by the same energy company Bidens punksss kid was on the board of 🤔🤔
Nadler - kiddie porn charge on him - Fuckstick
What about all the sanctuary cities which mayors are breaking federal law and the police aren’t doing anything about it - Democrats dum dum - votes - mourning a dead terrorist - really ?
What about voter fraud at least six counts, trying to disarm American citizens which goes against the Second Amendment ,not to mention free-speech with goes against the first amendment , what about calling for violence or sending fake bombs to themselves 😳😂, what about giving illegals free healthcare free housing free education and drivers license ( yes illegal )
What about this Muslim problem ? Obama
What about Little Miss Omar up in Minnesota ? Obama again , That’s where he relocated all those Somalian people 😉
If there was overwhelming evidence as the Democrats keep saying why haven’t they been able to pin anything on him in four years ? Nothing zip notta
Not a crime for politicians sons to be on board of energy companies when they have absolutely no experience whatsoever - are ya completely ignorant ? Never said it was a crime dumb dumb it’s called quid pro quo
Let me guess , they did it out of the goodness of their hearts 🤪😂 smh
And everything I am saying most of it is common knowledge and it’s not hard to figure out especially with proof

Tell ya what Einstein

Gonna give you a tip which I know you won’t paying attention to which is good with me man

Watch the Central Banks , invest in gold/silver etc if possible

There’s going to be a transition period here fairly soon ... You can act like you know what I’m saying or you can refute it , I don’t care, anyone else reading this you might wanna pay attention .

There will be another tax slash

Look for a few crazy ass things to happen

Dunno what itll be - could be some sort of epidemic or a cure for something, could be a catastrophe ,I don’t know and dont claim to ,but it will be known worldwide ( more distractions )

But keep your eye on the central bank system

Its coming down - EU isnt happy 😉
African nation is paying attention , other countries will follow suit

And no , your Democratic Gods are very pissed off about whats going on

Why do you think they have done nothing for the past four years except cause chaos and support illegal immigrants instead of Dumbass supporters who support them??? 🤔🤔🤔 utter brilliance Jr

So shrug off everything ive said 😉 Please

That way you can join others like yourself once this is over 😁
But you all can sit around and make up excuses and stories to try and justify things

It wont help you

Theyve bullshitted their way into a corner that they wont be getting out of ..

Trump may be many things but Stoopid isn’t one of them - and I’m not even a Republican

Hes doing what he said and was voted in to do ... keep watching your BS news casts
( ever noticed key phrases they all seem to repeat at the same time 😉 theres a reason for that )
Anyone can repeat something a million times it still does not make it truth

Jason Phoenix

Oh don't worry, they will remember.

They will remember every single time the democrats were throwing their toys around at losing.
They will remember every time they were insulted by the democrats and the media.
They will remember how the democrats have been abusing their power and the taxpayers money.
They will remember how the democrats defended a warlord of Iran, murderer of thousands of men, woman and children.
They will remember how they have defended Biden for his abuse of power when he was vice president.

They will remember, and they vote accordingly.

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Mr Mixxt

"Im just far more correct now" no wonder he represents trump, he talks just like him

Major Henry L.


Dershowitz is a registered Democrat. Do some research.

Ahamed Katard

@Katherine Kurzius M M .


@frank franklin Woot! Reality TV America 2020!! Cheating on wives 2020! Lying to congress 2020! Abusing power 2020! Lets get this done, bruh! 😅😅

Sheila Scribner

@RäNdØm-lïNkś 746 just watched the video, omg hilarious!


And we weren't wrong, guys. We're just more correct today.

I didn't commit that crime. I just committed less of a crime today.

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Girlfriend: Did you cheat on me?!
Boyfriend: No! I’m just more faithful now!

Walter Hazel

Ooh....that’s that pimp talk.

Isaac Fernandez


Moogly Googly

You guys laugh at the fact that “these defense arguments” are ridiculous, but that’s all it takes to fool half of all Americans.... sadly.

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