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The Trolley Song
Judy Garland Lyrics

With my high starched-collar and my high-topped shoes
And my hair piled high upon my head
I went to lose a jolly hour on the trolley
And lost my heart instead
With his light brown derby and his bright green tie
He was quite the handsomest of men
I started to yen so I counted to ten
Then I counted to ten again

Clang, clang, clang went the trolley
Ding, ding, ding went the bell
Zing, zing, zing went my heart strings
From the moment I saw him I fell

Chug, chug, chug went the motor
Bump, bump, bump went the brake
Thump, thump, thump went my heart strings
When he smiled I could feel the car shake

He tipped his hat, and took a seat
He said he hoped he hadn't stepped upon my feet
He asked my name, I held my breath
I couldn't speak because he scared me half to death

Buzz, buzz, buzz went the buzzer
Plop, plop, plop went the wheels
Stop, stop, stop went my heart strings
As he started to go then I started to know how it feels
When the universe reels

The day was bright, the air was sweet
The smell of honeysuckle charmed you off your feet
You tried to sing, but couldn't squeak
In fact you loved him so you couldn't even speak

Buzz, buzz, buzz went the buzzer
Plop, plop, plop went the wheels
Stop, stop, stop went my heart strings
As he started to leave
I took hold of his sleeve with my hand
And as if it were planned
He stayed on with me and it was grand just to stand
With his hand holding mine to the end of the line

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Fintage House Publishing
Written by: Hugh Martin, Ralph Blane

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Comments from YouTube:

Tony Tune

I read that Judy said that while making this movie was the only time she felt beautiful. So sad how her life ended after all the joy she brought to millions by way of her talent . She deserved better.

Emmanuel Viala

@OrangeTabbyCat What makes yu such a judge? I'm just a french listener, you're just a strange made out NOWHERE.


shamar thomparson What makes you an expert on music? What knowledge do you have on musical theory to judge if someone can sing, hit the right notes, have the right tempo or intonation? I am just curious on what you base that comment. Also "her face is not fine at all"....Is that a valid point for someone not to be a good actor/actress? Or is that just your personal taste?

JAY.G. Anderson

@Shamar Calloway
🤔😌💓😌💓😌💓😌💓😌💙 it's okay if you don't like an actress but you don't have to put it down this many I don't care for one is Julia Roberts I think she shows her up and a lot of her earlier movies and tries to act too cutesy but that's what happens with actors and actresses they just don't know when to stop it happens in real life it's called being human and since when do we all have to be Beauty creams and Funk Brazil and the Miss Universe? I'm getting tired of people doing that to people knocking whatever they have for talent down yet if you don't have any Talent you're still a piece of s*** regardless if you have it or not so what are you trying to say here are you jealous!? I get jealous Wicked jealous I hate getting jealous but at least I admit it! Don't put people down just cuz you don't care for them you didn't walk in her shoes nor did she walk in your eyes nor have I so sit back and enjoy what's out there cuz I have a feeling some day is going to be less enjoyment for us cuz I see talent but it's copied now it's not purification coming through any more like it was!!
! Smile Dame Maggie Smith!

Emmanuel Viala

So sad life for a so international first lady singer to. Happy Christmas to yu from PARIS FRANCE!


@Shamar Calloway WTF!? Go back to the asylum you TWAT! You sound like a LOON!

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Searle Kochberg

In my opinion this really is Garland's greatest moment on screen. Perfect voice, the infectious zest of youth and the glorious direction of Minnelli. A masterpiece fit for the great artist she was.

Léon Austen

She is so inspiring to me, I am 22 and I hear this Song every single Day. It’s 05:00 am in the Morning here in Germany and nothing is better, then starting the Day with the best Lovesong that was ever created.

Shayn Davis

@Cole Johnson yeah I love the ominous spiritual connotations of that song

Cole Johnson

Hss to be Get Happy, for me.

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