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Paper Girl
July Talk Lyrics

Don't ask a question
Don't seek my trust
You don't look pretty when you smile
So don't smile at all

You loved me like a doctor
Horse don't run with a broken leg
You're a paper girl with paper eyes, you're a paper crop
And if you think it's your turn to ask a question, it's not

If you want money in your coffee
If you want secrets in your tea
Keep your paper heart away from me

Well it must be hard
To be a pretty girl
Yeah, it must be hard
To watch your body growing old

And I'll be laughing in your head until I want to stop
And if you think it's your turn to explain yourself, it's not

And if you want money in your coffee
If you want secrets in your tea
Keep your paper heart away from me

The tables have turned, you're still there
Now you're singing in your electric chair
You'll burn if you're made of paper you're going to see

And if you want money in your coffee
If you want secrets in your tea
Keep your paper heart away from me

Oh, my paper girl
Paper girl
Paper girl
Paper girl (ooh)
Paper girl (ooh)
Paper girl (ooh)
Paper girl

Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing
Written by: Ian Docherty, Peter Goyette Dreimanis, Leah Fay Goldstein, Eamon Michael Mcgrath, Daniel P Miles, Josh Earl Warburton

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Julian Schmidt

Well super complicated as usual love them for the music but this is my interpretation he's saying that he realizes he's an extreme person and also that he uses women by lying and hurting them by abuse not physical but abuse is abuse hence the chorus. Now she sings the chorus solo first time more as a warning and info to women cuz if you notice his next line is oh it must be hard to be a pretty girl is dipped in sarcasm. Then ya it's hard to be a girl in society to constantly require good looks and ageing is inevitable. In 3 lines he reflects upon his usury of female insecurity to how it's society that's really damaging women and really like it or not you can't blame males for being like that because it just is the way now that males have an easier time being abusive. I could go more in depth as to society but I digress only thing I want to point out that he's not saying it's not his fault in fact he's being sarcastic to serious so fast to show that's just what it is because blaming humanity is the reality but c'mon that's still why people do blame things we can't affect to not take responsibility so he isn't sorry he's trying to teach that he realized it and is saying by keep away from me that he is bad but doesn't want to be. I'll not make this too much longer but the correlation to money and secrets in your morning drink is that it comforts you in a small dose and you actually want secrets as a addiction just really you moderate it and then it would benefit your desire for those things. However like I mentioned earlier he is an extreme person so if you can't handle his dose of secrets and money which is just a metaphor for potential as money allows us to get things for wrong or right. Her singing along at certain times and solo at times makes sense of you think of the song as it is all about him and she is there to support the lessons involved, and less deeply she's got a great voice plus they always sing together so when you create a song that's using abuse from the male side, well then it being a punk song and her not coming off hurt and whiny I ask you how would you compose it? Love every song by July talks though they all mean alot, if youve read this to the end I'll add one thought all their music leads back to how balance is what the world needs and humans can't do it so we achieve balance by hurting and helping, working hard then being lazy etc. We can't balance all the time so we balance by doing more of one than making up for it. That's you can figure out why human race is destroying the planet because gluttony and luxury are too hard for us to balance out with sacrifice and hardship. If humans were neutral be only way but we are to intelligent and we'd get bored, once survival wasn't important every second of every day that was the beginning of the end

Cheers, Jules Schmidt

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