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Justice Lyrics


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Michael Cooper

I still to this day, cannot describe how this felt hearing it and seeing it performed live for the first time.

And then being completely and utterly blown away for the rest of the show.

It's been years since I've played this and right now, I'm surprised how fresh it sounds.

That 2007 era was actually a phoenix moment for not only electronic dance music but the french touch movement as a whole.

I need more now

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Legendary track.

DJ Laserex

its truth its a legendary track. its not only a cool track its cooler then cool




In bed four years later

John Paul Buce

9m subs

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Sum Randum Guy

Many ppl don’t realize this, but this song in particular (this whole album actually, but especially this song), was revolutionary. 2007. These guys were trendsetters, truly ahead of their time, and whether or not it’s admitted, this track was truly influential to many producers, n these guys r part of the reason why electronic music evolved to what it became in the early (n even mid) 2010s. This will b remembered as one of the greats in this genre, decades from now. Truly world-moving and legendary to those who actually appreciate n comprehend the genre

Fernandloo Gesrer

Ok contenido para adultos en proporciónes bíblicas

Hamburger HamburgerV2

you missed “ar-“ to a lot of your words

Graham H

I'm not even into house or electronica but this album was perfect


@jan klaasen funny how you say how this style was called electro, I know youre not wrong but before "back then" electro was (and still is) breakdancing music xD

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