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Wash Us in the Blood
Kanye West Lyrics

A roaring lion, walketh about
Seeking whom he may (devour)
(Ronny J, please turn me up)

Take some rain, nonstop
Rain, don't want war
Rain come, rain come
Come shine, come rain, good month
South side, let it bang
Outside let it rain
Rain down on the pain
Rain down on the slain
Rain down for my mom (ooh)
Rain down on the farm (ah)
Shower us with your love (ha)
Wash us in the blood (ooh)
Drop this for the thugs (ah)
Know I grew up in the mud (ha)
The top is not enough
Wash us in the blood (ah)

Is there anybody here? (Ha)
Is there anybody here? (Ooh)
That can save, no matter how much he player-hate? Hahaha
It was the blood that (ooh)
It was the blood that (God)
It was the blood that cleansed me, ha
It was the (ooh)

Shower down on us (ah)
Wash us in the blood (ha)
Wash us in the blood (ooh)
Whole life bein' thugs (ah)
No choice, sellin' drugs (ha)
Southside what it does? (God)
Rain down on us (ah)
Genocide, what it does (ha)
Slavery, what it does (ooh)
Rain down on us (ah)
Whole life sellin' drugs (ha)

Wash us in the blood (ooh)
Wash us in Your blood (ah)
Wash us in the blood (and as we live in this evil)
Wash us in the blood (and crooked and just pathetic world)
Wash us in the blood

Holy Spirit, come down (come take)
Holy Spirit, come down (come down)
Holy Spirit, help now (way down)
Holy Spirit, help now (uh, uh)
Holy Spirit, come down
Holy Spirit, come down (ayy)
Holy Spirit, help now (come down)
Holy Spirit, help now (yeah)

Wash us in the blood (yeah)
Whole life bein' thugs (ha)
No choice, sellin' drugs (ooh)
Genocide, what it does (ah)
Mass incarc', what it does (ha)
Cost a cause, what it does (ooh)
'Nother life bein' lost (whoa)

Let it off, set it off
Execution, thirty states (that's why)
Thirty states still execute (ah)
Thou shall not kill
I should not spill Nextels at the rendez-vous (oh)
We dodgin' time in the Federal (get 'em)
Squad box you in like a sectional (oh, no)
We walk through the blast and the residue (oh)
Now look what we headed to (ah)

Rain down on us (ha)
Rain down on us (ooh)
Wash us in the blood (ah)
Wash us in the blood (ha)
Holy spirit, come down (ooh)
Holy spirit, come down (ah)
And they tryna control 'Ye (ha)
They want me to calm down (ooh)

They don't want me to Kanye
They don't want Kanye to be Kanye
They wanna sign a fake Kanye
They tryna sign a calm 'Ye
That's right I call him Calm-Ye
But don't take me the wrong way (no)
But don't take me the wrong way (ah)
'Cause God took me a long way (ha)
They wanna edit the interviews (we)
They wanna take it to interludes (need)
Cut a whole sentence to interlude (to get back)
You know that it's fake if it's in the news (home)
So I let it fly when I'm in the booth (ah)
The devil a lie and I been the truth (ha)
Livid 'cause nobody livin' and nobody gettin' it
Doin' it different (ah)

Rain down on us (ha)
Holy spirit, come down (ooh)
Holy spirit, come down (ah)
We need you now
Wash us in the blood (ooh)
Whole life bein' thugs (ah)
No choice, sellin' drugs (no)
Genocide, what it does
Slavery, what it does

Lyrics © CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, THE ADMINISTRATION MP INC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Aaron Butts, Dwayne Abernathy, Isaac De Boni, Jacques Webster, Jahmal Gwin, Kanye Omari West, Mark Makora Mbogo, Michael Mule, Ronald Spence

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Walter Romanoff

@T D
I guess you don’t watch any Christian channels and listen to true men of God
Creflow Dollar
TD Jakes
Steven Furtick
Charles Stanley
You have been blinded by God of this world Satan
Get to church
Search for the truth
Jesus is the only way to the father
Sorry but you think Kanye is the way gave me the laugh of the day

Vandalay Industries

@urmom thanks for the thorough response. May I recommend a book to you as well? It's a good introduction to textual criticism.....a vital component of reading and evaluating ancient documents. It's called Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman. That would have been a man to interview for the movie and book. Not the straw man arguments that don't really properly represent the skeptical view.

The gospels all account for things very different. A great example is the two accounts of Judas death. They are clearly big fish stories at best. But they are nothing like the other. This would be the most obvious and glaring one off of the top of my head, but there are plenty of other trivial items.

You see my friend, I used to start my reasoning from the POV of a believer. I was after all a very devout Christian my entire life. I have read the Bible numerous times, taken part in missionary work abroad for a year at a time, and much more. This book is not written from the skeptics POV. It is written by a believer, who decides to tell a story many years after the fact.

That 50-60 years is meaningful, because we only have "fragments". Not entire works. We do not even know who wrote these gospels. idea. Isn't that something worth considering? Why would God not have seen fit to preserve these works, to make sure they were not false or contradictory in any way?

This is not just the new testament. The stories in the OT do not comport with reality (such as the measurements of Solomons temple.....oh my gosh it's just totally made up), and paint God to be a genocidal, infant killing, petty God who will kill just about anything when very he feels like it for even trivial reasons. And if the Trinity doctrine is what you believe in, wouldn't that mean that Jesus is the same God that did those things to human beings in the stories in the Bible?

In the end it goes like this. Extraordinary claims, have to be met with extraordinary evidence for those claims. If I told you I was the son of God, you would need more than just some written stories, claiming a ton of people saw it, written many decades after my existence, that don't even match other accounts. In any other aspect of your life, it would not be enough for you to accept something as "true". But the thing you have been culturally raised to believe and are surrounded by, you readily accept as true.

Isn't it worth considering why that is.

I appreciate the respectful conversation my friend. I hope you look into Misquoting Jesus.

Royauté Loyauté

The crisis of mediocrity in the power of states.

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Presidential elections should be within reach of every citizen and not just for the super rich

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All comments from YouTube:

Dave Guerrero

This video is the inside of Kanye’s brain.


That was his intention by sharing it.
was he wrong about anything? Look who runs the media


Haha truly! He understands his peoples true problems, that´s why he is hated now.

Amber Amell

@Eddie .L priceless🥰😘

david magen

Bro nah!
Its about Covid and the End of the World as we know it! ;)
U'll see at the END. Trust me 🤝✊👍☯️🕎

Eddie .L

Only 2% of humanity can see this in colors

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This is what a music video is supposed to be


Kanye West = 2009. Year now = 2022. All normal people listening Gomunkul 6 now @

M. Gabz

I thought the song hits hard, this video hits even harder!

Dan Platonov

Sad that ppl may only understand after he passes, but I pray that his mission comes to life while he's alive ❤️🕊️🙏

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