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KD Diary
Kash Doll Lyrics

Ever since I was a seed, I ain't got nothin' free
Pops died on my bday 'fore I knew how to speak
I'm the oldest of six and they countin' on me
Had to get in these streets, just to eat for a week
Punchin' E I'm from the A, I'm soon as I hit sixteen
Walk a mile in my shoes, you can never see me
Just a girl from the D, still after my dreams
I can't never understand why they hated on me
Another girl at the bar, tryna make me some cheese
And you bitch that tried to snuff me, how it feel to see me?
Five years out the club, now you bitches could eat
Twenty six in one night, they could never top me
Ain't no love life to speak on, only worry 'bout me
Keep my circle super tight ain't no time for no leaks
My intentions was so good, did it all for a dream
Signed some papers to a nigga, only knew for a week
A lot of ceased and deceased, tryna dry up my stream
So I stayed on the road, without music to stream
Just to pay half a ticket, so that I could be free
To release all this music so that they can feel me

But now that I'm on, I ain't letting 'em breathe
I've been winnin' awards, I've been touchin' the streets
Did you hear what I said, on B-E-T
Soon as this paper was done
I'm touchin' everything
Benz truck, big face, I did that
Maserati, Audi coupe, doin' zig zags
First class, diamond status, yeah I earned that
New house, off-shore, bitch I live that
You don't know a bitch without a deal that did that
These niggas is for everybody, yeah they scream that
You out here fightin', lookin' ratty, they can have that
I'm in the buildin' sittin' pretty but a savage
Superfly, big film playin', boom, boom
Fifty goons, big guns go boom, boom
Crib so big that Shaunie made me go and switch my room
All my brothers, sisters got one, now my momma want one too
Got so many mouths to feed, I ain't gotta see
Gotta pay the payroll, every first and fifteenth
It's so cold in the D, how we s'posed to keep peace?
Gave me such a hard time, now they tryna be me

'Cause I make that shit look so easy
They don't know like
I don't look nothin' like what I've been through man
I just know where I'm goin'

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Arkeisha Knight, Kenneth Coby, Nelson Kyle

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“I can never understand why they hated on me” I felt that Kash





Tangela williams

L lmk me

Ll lol lol m

Mm mm mm mm

Tangela williams

Lol all lmpkp

M ml m lol i

Larissa Angaman

Me too 😞🖤

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Rocko2london Rocko2london

Finally a dark skin girl since foxy to represent the culture on the real, we need so many more!!

Golden Goodies TV

@BlackEmpress yes sza young Miami JT Summer walker are dark skinned women. Any one darker than Rihanna is considered dark skinned. Rihanna is brown skin. They are ALL BROWN WOMEN

Golden Goodies TV

Darkskin girl but couldn’t choose a child in the video to really represent that


@BlackEmpress sza 1st came out she was dark JT is dark I know The difference just because I don't agree with your truth of that doesn't mean I am incorrect you have Brown sugar which is dark skin no matter how you try to justify it and I'm not talking to entertainment world you're talking about the entertainment world but young Miami can pass off as both she can be light and dark skin because she's that in between you have the red bone the yellow bone the Brown bone and the Brown bone and the black bone as they call it dolls are neck it neck with each other because they are in the dark skin category I know exactly what I said and I do know the difference I just do not agree with your opinion on it have a good day

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