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Walk Away From Love
Ken Boothe Lyrics

It's not that I don't love you
You know how much I do, understand me, girl
And it's not that I've found someone
To take the place of you
It's just a fear that builds up in me
Every time you touch my hand, I don't understand it, baby
And a dread that shakes my body
That even I don't understand

So I'm leaving
It's time to play it smart
I'm gonna walk away from love
Before love breaks my heart
You know I love you, girl

Ooh, you're clinging to me tighter
Than you ever have before
I just can't understand it, baby
But I know it's gonna take everything I've got
To keep walking out the door
But those arms you got around me
Will let me go someday
But I'd rather leave you holding on
Than pushing me away

So I'm leaving
It's time to play it smart
I'm gonna walk away from love
Before love breaks my heart
Ooh baby

So I'm leaving, ooh girl
It's time to play it smart
I'm gonna walk away from love, ooh girl, yeah
And it's strength shakes my body
I'm gonna walk away from love, ooh girl
Love ain't treating me right, ooh yeah
Saying, I'm leaving you this time
I'm leaving you, baby, ooh girl
I won't be coming back, oh no no no no no
I'm leaving you this time
Leaving leaving leaving this time
Oh oh oh oh oh
La la la la
Cha cha cha cha
La la la la
Leaving you this time
Ooh girl
I'm leaving you this time

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Comments from YouTube:

The Infiltrator

One of the best vocalists in history, any genre, imo - 1st time I heard this, I'm like, 'The backing's kind of tame/by-the-book. But Ken's capable of bringing this to life if anyone is.' And then his first line has me shaking my head/in church/omg; right off the bat - the man's phenomenally gifted!

porc garden

I must add there is like a few more versions done by others and this is the original 1st release believe me there is a orginal cut mr booth did aswell 🀀

Carl Brown

The Infiltrator.. Please listen again and just concentrate on the Bass for a while, Please(:-) ...He's Killing it! Riding the Riddim all the way. Great tune all round. Nuff love. P.S. Just noticed it's a while since you posted this. Hope you're well.

Goodas Fi Dem

Awesome..Class...Just pure MAGIC...LOVE IT !!

Stonyhill PO

The best! The one and only, the incomparable Ken Boothe!...One of Jamaica's finest singers!❀️

Carilann Barry

Love this tune.haven't listened to it in a long time.its on repeat love people happy Friday feelings x

Andrew Firth

20 years + and Ken booth still does it entirely right !!!! A beautiful tune <3 <3 <3 Beautiful


Timeless, soulfully sung by an excellent artist


Class song , Class Vocal Just Pure Class

Steve Harwood

gives me the chills , great song best version of this great track.

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