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untitled 01 | 08.19.2014.
Kendrick Lamar Lyrics

Come here, girl
Oh, you want me to touch you right there?
Oh, like a little lamb, play in your hair
Oh you want it? Oh you want it right now
Like that? I got you baby
All on you baby
Push it back on daddy
Push it back on daddy baby

I seen it vividly jogging my brain memory, life is
I seen it vividly jogging my brain memory
Life is long as infinity this was the final calling
No birds chirping or flying, no dogs barking
We all nervous and crying, moving in caution
In disbeliefs our believe's the reason for all this
The tallest building plummet, cracking and crumbling
The ground is shaking, swallowing young woman
With a baby, daisies, and other flowers burning in destruction
The smell is disgusting, the heat is unbearable
Preachers touching on boys run for cover, they paranoid
Rapists and murderers hurdle alleys
Valleys and high places turn into dust
Famous screaming in agony
Atheists for suicide, planes falling out the sky
Trains jumping off the track, mothers yelling "he's alive"
Backpedaling christians settling for forgiveness
Evidence all around us the town is covered in fishes
Ocean water dried out, fire burning more tires out
Tabernacle and city capital turned inside out
Public bathroom, college classroom's been deserted
Another trumpet has sounded off and everyone heard it
(It's happening) no more running from world wars
(It's happening) no more discriminating the poor
(It's happening) no more bad bitches and real niggas
Wishing for green and gold the last taste of allure
I swore I seen it vividly
A moniker of war from heaven that play the symphony
Thunder like number four, then I heard
"What have you did for me"
I fell to my knees, pulled out my resume
That dated back to June 17th, 1987
My paperwork was like a receipt
I was valedictorian, I was fearful of judgment
But confident I had glory in all my past endeavors
Close my eyes pray to god that I live forever
Dark skies, fire and brimstone some of us sent home
Some of us never did wrong but still went to hell
Geez Louise I thought you said that I excel
I made To Pimp a Butterfly 'fore you told me
To use my vocals to save man-kind for you
Say I didn't try for you, say I didn't ride for you
I tied for you, I pushed the club to the side for you
Who love you like I love you?
Crucifix, tell me you can fix
Anytime I need, I'mma start jotting everything in my diary
Never would you lie to me
Always camaraderie, I can see, our days been numbered
Revelation greatest as we hearing the last trumpet
All man, child, woman, life completely went in reverse
I guess I'm running in place trying to make it to church

Young nigga act an ass
Young nigga act a fool
Young nigga get yo' cash
Young nigga do what it do
Young nigga go, young nigga go
Young nigga go, young nigga go
Whatever makes all of you happy in this bitch
Just take it all back before the light switch

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


This track for me... for some odd reason; almost perfectly narrates major abstract and artistic representations of Rod Serlins episode, "Midnight Sun" on his 1970s television show Twilight zone!

Honestly, it's quite profound how he can project such intense mental imagery thr ou ugh his lyrics. He seems to have the ability to create entire worlds with individuals living through situations that bear more depth and realism then the actual original work in the first place. A true transformation of all people places and plots.

As if a statue was erected that you made to represent a big moment in your life. Only to have "Leonardo DaVinci" travel forward through time in a time machine. Find my thing, transform it. Try to steal it. But accidentally send the statue back in time 2021 years. Exact where jesus was.... at yeah 32bc. And he added some wild shit to it. Robe. Thrown snap backs. Some Gucci slippers then BAM. Back home!!! But no..... 550 years in the future. In the middle of a battle feild where an alien soldier... thinking the things magic. Attaches any of its prized possessions in to have it once again.

Zap back to my house. In the middle my living room. As I walk in the next moring!!!! Honestly I'd be more weirded out that the 5000 pound block of marble has moved so far. With whatever happening. More so then the mind bending, religous tribal halageams containing meaning adding more then what it felt to be originally in all directions making the entire super perfect futuristic movie energy made of the energy of some kind or extra dimensional reality fragment in prisoner. Turning what would be a important moment. Into a frozen crystal of alien emotion. To Express much enjoyment with the luxury of being a 5th dimensional fashion designer for those who've..Traveled to the other side.. tooken the important and needed steps, and made that decision to finally be fully processed then submerged both within and beyond both mentally, physically, and spiritually to safely and successfully extract your complete entire energy/soul to then submerge you completely over and into the other side and hopefully.... even farther, and farther.... far even beyond that.

Into N ENORMOUS!! Wildly complicated, constantly moving, and processing me closer. Literally every tiny gear ,or even the wires, an latches seem to be.... alive some how. In a fun. Hidden, but sneaky way. Almost like an inside joke that, even thought they're very alive, and very conscious of their situation. They are fully dedicated to their part in this big picture. They know that their doing.... they... LOVE what they're working towards, but for what???

I'm swallowed by an interested, feminine, material ghost spirted that slides me perfectly towards my destination, whilst operating on me. I trust her with my life. By the time we reach the very center. The absolute end. I'm already so violently naked. I cant even think to understand that I'm a human, and I am alive, usually attached to a warm wobbly body. But even that would be a void. A true mind is a black hole." Look down on me and see a fool, look up to me and see your Lord. But look at me like, and into my eyes, you'll see yourself." I am nothing. I am less then Nothing. I am empty and cold. I fall. Miles and miles. A tiny point of knowing. A single point of expirence. As my single, individual ability to live what is no more.

Like a rain drop, out the cloud, into the storm, falling through the sky, only to finally return to its original mountain lakes. That flow our into the all of everything. Inm now apart of just more then me. I am, was, and always will be.... but now.... I am one. With all, everything, and a little bit of even you. Perhaps I am you. And your watching yourself. I am all. BE HERE NOW....

THANK YOU... 012021

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He tried to warn us. The prophet indeed

SJ Radebe


Noxolo Duma

one of my favorite albums

Nicholas Mensah

@YOGI - rapper it really does hit extra

YOGI - rapper

This hits different in corona times man

Trash Human

"I guess I'm running in place tryna make it to church"
God that line is chilling


So chilling


@Legend yep don't think anyone could've said it better lol


@Legend good breakdown since i'm stupid and i don't get it lol thx kind stranger have a great day

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