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You Know It's You
Kirsty MacColl Lyrics

I want to shake up this world
And not to feel so useless
And I long to wake up happy
And not to feel so hopeless
I want arms that never held me
To pull me to my senses
And wrap themselves around me
Oh, please let it come true
There's only one thing for me
Darling, darling, darling
You know it's you.

I want someone up here beside me
To wake up in heaven with all my worries behind me
That's what I'd love to do
There is something I have seen
A vision in my dreams
Who only comes it seems to tell me
What I already knew
There's only one thing that can save me now
And baby you know it's you

Ah - d'you ever see just what I see?
My whole life just flashed in front of me
All my fears, all my mistakes
The heart that sings before it breaks
Oh I want arms that never held me
To wrap themselves around me
And not to let me down too gently
I need something to look forward to
There's only one thing that will do
And you know darling you know it's you

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Comments from YouTube:

Sean McGarry

Dear, poor missed Kirsty - this voice, this song, so mesmerisingly missed.  Did you know that she dearly wanted Morrissey to sing this - in fact, I think she actually GAVE this song to him.  It doesn't take a genius to know that this would have worked so heavenly.  The vocals are practically interchangeable.  He really should consider it.  Maybe one day, who knows?  Until then, let'e marvel and revel in the much-sorely-missed-beyond-and-why-did-she-have-to-go-so-soon? Ms MacColl's treasured, beauteous version.  An angel, desperately missed...

Arcturas the Moo Cow

Thank you for putting this up. Its wonderful.

Oliver H

you know he sacrificed herself for her son


The Smiths/Morrissey influence is clearly all over this ode/declaration to Morrissey...

day light

How I love this...

Trevor Mahoney

This is excellent stuff why did god take Kirsty from us it is not at all acceptable that he let her be taken from us

Rodrigo Acuna

Morrissey comments about this song in his autobiography, and seems to relate it with her death because they had been talking about it the week she went to Mexico and died in an accident.


this song is like a fan love letter to morrissey ^_^

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