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Lufuala Ndonga
Konono Nº1 Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Lisi bigmama

I was very young when the band came in my family house to play when I lost my grand mother... 20 years after, here I am far from home, but the moment my aunt sent me a video, I jumped out my bed I started dancing... I asked my husband to film me so that I can send tmy dancing video to my family members...... I. Must said, it bought us together again... They laughed a lot. One cannot change the histoire.. Its in the blood.... Thank you KONONO N:1 FOR THE LOVELY SOUVENIR.... KU NDAMBA TUKUANDA... EHHH KINSATU.... 👏🏿🙏🏿🥂🍾🤣💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿🍷🥂🥂😭


Beautiful story Lisi


What an incredible story,,wow!!! To me it sounds that you was given a big big treasur at early agee!!!Not one of gold and a much bigger one....namely a treasure of eternal happiness!!! I like to imagine and it makes me smile... imagining all newborns in this world are raised with this music!!!

Iger Kamińska

Fantastic stuff, cheers from Poland guys :)

Joao Baptista

I live in Poland 😒😒 in Łódź


This is amazing music i just moved all over my body.

Tom Murray

Incredible music, Congotronics blew my mind


Me too, still listening after 17 years. Love it!

Christina McGrath

Love the versatility of the instruments, the upbeatness of it, congotronic up my life

Nick Ralph

Love it! Nice editing and style!! Awesome music!!

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