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Sing Children Sing
by Lesley Duncan

Though you feel at times you just can't win
Sing sing children sing
That you give is known so don't give in
Sing sing children sing

Sing of the true way, sing of the time
Show them the new way, let your light shine.

He who lights the fire must surely burn
Turn turn children turn
From the ones who see but will not learn
Turn turn children turn

Turn from the darkness, turn all the way
Look for the sunshine - then don't turn away.

For everyone who doesn't stand must fall
Call call children call
And he who finds himself then finds us all
Call call children call

Call to the broken, call to the hate
Let the word be spoken, before it's too late.

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Batphink Reynolds

Lovely song I wasn't really familiar with Lesley when young but this sounds so 70's such a lovely voice and my fave era ever.I wish I could permanently go back in time and have us all alive and healthy and all not age,Time Machine much....? LOL.. RIP Lesley.

Jon Boltinghouse

R.I.P Lesley...because of your beautiful voice children can sing to your sweet song. thanks for the beautiful post of this timeless classic.

Kevin Piggott

A big thank you to whoever posted this.  Takes me back to 1979 and happy memories.

Stella Drinker

I have looked for this tune for over twenty years and finally remembered the line, sing children sing . its every bit as good as I remembered .so emotional for me .my mums favourite tune

Stella Drinker

thank you so much ,I really appreciate all your time and efforts to bring these tunes and memories to us .especially this one my friend .


You may also like the 1971 album version of this song - 
Lesley's first two albums, along with some of her earlier singles, have recently been released as a double CD available on Amazon: ('Sing Lesley Sing')

Sandra Kenny

Lesley had a beautiful voice r,I,p, great song ,she sang back vocals for ALOT of great bands like Pink Floyd Bob Dylan ext ext, Lesley your may be gone but ur voice still sings on 👍👍✌✌💜💖🎤🎤👏👏🌻🌈🌈💐🎸🎸🐦🐦 🐦 from a true fan 👏💖 💖💖💖🇨🇮🇨🇮

Lee Bass

I was lucky enough to know Leslie when I was a teenager (she and Tony were regulars in the pub my parents owned) I never knew of her music career apart that she sang backing vocals on a song we had on our jukebox.


Many thanks for uploading the original version of this lovely song.

Arthur Harris

Not the original version.

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