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Less Than Jake Lyrics

I know, you see
somehow the world will change for me
and be so wonderful
Live life, breathe air
I know somehow it's gonna get there
and feel so wonderful
It's all for real
I'm telling you just how I feel

So wake up the members of my nation
it's your time to be
there's no chance unless you take one every time
to see the brighter side of every situation
somethings are meant to be
Leave it all to me
leave it all to me
leave it all to me
just leave it all to me

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Comments from YouTube:


1- Leave It All To Me (iCarly) - 0:00
2- Hungry Hungry Hippos - 1:10
3- Animaniacs - 1:41
4- Big Mac (McDonalds) - 2:46
5- It Takes Different Strokes (Different Strokes) - 3:10
6- Boss of Me (Malcolm in the Middle) - 4:03
7- Pac Man Cereal - 4:42
8- Sccoby Doo, Where Are You? (Scooby Doo) - 5:14
9- Kit Kat - 6:09
10- Spongebob Squarpants - 6:25
11- In The Street (That 70's Show) - 7:03
12- Oscar Meyer Wieners - 7:56
13- love and Marriage (Married...With Children) - 8:26
14- Toys R Us Kid (Toys R Us) - 9:11
15- Making Our Dreams Come True (Laverne and Shirley) - 9:38
16- Pirate Jingle (FreeCreditScore) - 10:54

Bavarian Mapper

Jira lol toys R us at 911 XD

Timair Zaldundo

this album is ridiculously outrageously fantastic its almost stupid

Matt Kidon

Less Than Jake did a cover.....shocking.

Fromark Industries

Should've used the full version of some of the sitcom intro covers

Caleb James Williams

Lol they played both Animaniacs and Spongebob Squarepants at Sunfest!!!

Adam Eschliman

I saw them at Summerfest a few weeks ago, it was sweet.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Less Than Jake Decided Heck Let's Have Some Fun With This Even Though We Hardly Watch Television But Our Covers Would Make Them Enjoyable Again

Jamie A2Z83

theyve been doing Lavern And Shirley since the 90s but this is a newer recording. They also did Threes Company, Dukes of Hazard, Jeffersons and Happy Days.
Fun band


@Sonic The Hedgehog yup yup yup .....yeah.

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