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by Lindsey Stirling

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Manu El

Plot twist: The violin forces them to dance against their will and Lindsey is a serial- dance-maker

Nahi Corua

She's like the Pied Piper in Shrek 🤣🤣🤣

Emily Hull

Why does certain people have to ruin good quality jokes although the who dance against there will with violin should be a meme

Christopher Allard

So the Pied Piper, but violin

Nu_ na

Reminds me of that flute in Shrek Forever After 😄

Anastasia Knight

@Magical Trash Yeet

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Didelis Juodas

Это не смычок а волшебная палочка. Чудо. Что-то фантастическое. Талант! :)

YohanaZahi Vega

Whenever I watch this video, no matter the years, it gives me chills that emotion 🙌❤️


I'm not one to get emotional, but this video made me cry. The next day I just saw the thumbnail and nearly cried again. Powerful message from an amazing artist

Mai Mohamed

2019 anyone else still listening to this dope music?😍

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