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Nobody But You
Little Walter Lyrics

Nobody but you, babe
Nobody but you, babe
Nobody but you, babe
You made my life complete

Started the ball a-rollin'
Rollin' like a tumbleweed
Never stopped a-rollin'
'Till you grabbed my heart
You know I want it to be

Nobody but you, babe
Nobody but you, babe
Nobody but you, babe
You are sugar
'Cause you sho' is sweet

You put the lid on the pot
You put the salt in the bread
You made my life worth livin'
Mama, each an' every word I said

Nobody but you, babe
Nobody but you, babe
Nobody but you, babe
You upset my very soul

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Comments from YouTube:


Absolutely love this tune of his...and it's rarely played by blues dj's or harp fans. How brilliant is the double bass and the symbal splashes, swingin' like f---!

Peter Beulke

Love this song Hes a genius. Lead the way for all harmonica players he invented this style which has inspired the Rolling Stones,The Fabulous Thunderbirds and heaps more artists

Tyge Bruun

...Drunk or sober, but still The King of the harp !...

Keith Randall

It's a fact that Walter was drinking heavily by this time...and arriving at the studio drunk. However: this is a gem. The interplay between all of the instruments is phenomenal, particularly during the harp break, which is more an orchestrated piece than a solo. As you say, sayerma, it's not a bar band standard, although Rod Piazza recorded it with Bacon Fat back in 1970. Thank you for posting this and best wishes.


so what if he was drinking ,a lot of those legendry jazz were absolutely off their heads oN H .

Denis Blues

Try to have a sound like this when ya round 25............ Marion, thanks for hanging round with us bro..... RIP & BWB

jay blummer

I spilled my drink!

DJ big leg

it swings alot bigger on analogue vinyl,in other words the bass is fatter n the tru impact deph warmth n separation is far superior,get a proper amp with bass n treble n some quality old records u will c what im sayin is tru,im not a businessmen im a musician,i know cd is sonically inferior n many big labels wrongly call it vastly superior,even tho its inferior in every way,so my advice is try b4 u beleive,cds cost 10p 2 make top vinyl £8,n keep yr digital 45 n lp its pointlessly the same, .