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The Path
Lorde Lyrics

Born in the year of OxyContin
Raised in the tall grass
Teen millionaire having nightmares from the camera flash
Now I'm alone on a windswept island
Caught in the complex divorce of the seasons
Won't take the call if it's the label or the radio

Arm in a cast at the museum gala
Fork in my purse to take home to my mother
Supermodels all dancing 'round a pharaoh's tomb

Now if you're looking for a savior, well that's not me
You need someone to take your pain for you?
Well, that's not me
'Cause we are all broken and sad
Where are the dreams that we had?
Can't find the dreams that we had
Ah, ah, ah
Let's hope the sun will show us the p-path
Let's hope the sun will show us the p-path

I just hope the sun will show us the path
Savior is not me
I just hope the sun will show us the path
Savior is not me
I just hope the sun will show us the p-
Path, path

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor

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kevin vitualla

if you watch the music videos in order it creates a meaningful story:

1. The Path- the beginning
2. Solar Power- the celebration
3. Leader of the new regime- contemplation and appreciation
4. Secrets From A Girl- rumination and self-reflection
5. mood ring- metamorphosis
6. The Fallen Fruit- The ending

It's a testament. The end is just a new beginning.

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AURORA stuff

her music always makes me feel unique things I can't explain, in the best way possible♥️ the video is so lovely. love you ella.. really needed this right now to listen again


don't think i forgot about u2....iFaVo

Akash Swami




Khusus Oppo

So as you my queen... Cure for me!

Raven Blu Ramcharran


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I'm so proud of her for believing in this record. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I think SP is one of the best albums ever made. She bodied this entire era, aesthetics and soundscape. What an artist.


It’s a great album, she definitely create a whole genre with SP. The only problem is that it doesn’t grow while you listening to it. Besides Falling Fruit, most of the album is pretty chill. Nothing wrong with that but Melodrama definitely was more commercial because it had amazing bangers.

Dylan Buchman

One of only means it is better than one other, she only has three lmao

The Council

@Yus Ri  not rlly ahead of its time but it sure does have potential longevity

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