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I Wanna Be Like Johnny C
Loveninjas Lyrics

It's not religion though I pray
Every minute of the day
Second to no one

A voice that shock my body
You sing and girls go naughty
I wanna be like you Johnny

Without a thought I'd kill my friends (to be like Johnny)
I wouldn't care If I could stop pretend (to be like Johnny)
Second to no one

My songs are weak and sleazy
I give it a try, but it sounds so cheesy
You make it look so easy!

That attitude, I want it so bad

I'm so pathetic when I try (to look like Johnny)
My mother says I'll never know what it's like
(to be you Johnny)
Second to no one

I want a taste of Johnny
I wanna sing I wanna speed I wanna breathe like you Johhny
I wanna be like Johnny!

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Comments from YouTube:


He's singing about JTHM. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. It's a comic book by Jhonen Vasquez (the creator of Invader Zim).


And at one point Reverend Meat implied that there had been another girl that Johnny can't remember. I think he said something like, "It disturbs me that you do not remember the girl who gave me to you. What you did to her in her room. What she did to you." Or something like that.


haha. good point!


para algunos sonarĂ¡ tonto. pero conoci esta banda ESTA SEMANA y me esta partiendo la cabeza/madre/capocha!


If you can take a closer look at the shrine thingy, they are all sketches of JTHM. Also, the song is called "I want to be like Johnny C." That's the character's name. And, the line "I killed my friends to be like Johnny" is pretty indicative of JTHM. No, Johnny didn't sing anything, but in the comics he briefly dated a girl named Devi who was intially interested in him because of the way he spoke to her.

Al Santi

que chingon!!! jonny chingan!!!!!!

Ilona Sporrel

ahaaa. Ok that makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

Markus Manninen

@RodEozzzz voi saatana :D:D




"I wanna be like Johnny" Weird, this song reminds me of Mmy (AKA Jimmy, AKA Darkness). God, that guy was irritating.

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