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I giorni
Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics

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Joseph Cacciatore

Listening to this song is like listening to a story that only your own mind can tell you.

Adriano Távora Adriano

Perfect definition. It's mystereoslly.

Kerry Denwood

100% agree, first heard this on a self development course i was taking with a few other women. While it relaxed me it made others cry and every time I play it it's different but it's my 6 minutes to be mindful

Lord Bertos

Wow could not have expressed it better myself

Victoria Muscat

Its the most beautiful piece of music I've ever had the privilege to hear x

Bauke de Jong

I love you

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Natalie 654789

I’ve been playing ludovico’s music since I discovered him at 14 or 15 years old. I played this song (along with oltremare) at my very last piano recital. It was the only recital my father didn’t attend, as he had passed a few months before. It was incredibly difficult but I felt the music pouring from my heart and everything else faded away. I could just feel my dad was there that day, he loved hearing me play (even when I was 5 years old playing Yankee Doodle over and over :p). Ludovico’s music has gotten me through rough years and allowed me to express my emotions when I couldn’t put them to words and he’s forever my hero for giving me such a gift

Nazmul Hasan

Hi Natalie 💖 You're so beautiful 💫 I wanna cry 🥺

Roshni Gupta

I searched this song for 10 years and I finally found today... truly a good day!
I herad this in one of an Indian telecom airtel ad in 2010 ... it got stuck in my head immediately .. I never knew this was a real song and not just a tv ad song. I used to play this in my head... I found it today and I am going to listen to it entire my life ...

Stoney Schranz - Hard techno

You should of just googled the lyrics…….

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