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I giorni
Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics

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Antonio Schuck

This songs explains why lyrics are not always necessary. One of the most beautiful piano songs ever written.

Scott Middleton

I always sing the lyrics to 'Barbie Girl' over the tune.


minecraft music:

Paul Damm

lyrics are not necessary if the music is good. It tends to speak for itself

Martijn Valkenburg


Prangon B702

So true .

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Ed Leahy

You don’t know you are listening to music. It’s like an amazing background to every day life that picks you up and then smacks your backside just to remind you that this is not a movie but a real world where stunningly talented people like this exist and serve to remind us all that we are incomparable when it comes to talented musicians like this man

Natalie 654789

I’ve been playing ludovico’s music since I discovered him at 14 or 15 years old. I played this song (along with oltremare) at my very last piano recital. It was the only recital my father didn’t attend, as he had passed a few months before. It was incredibly difficult but I felt the music pouring from my heart and everything else faded away. I could just feel my dad was there that day, he loved hearing me play (even when I was 5 years old playing Yankee Doodle over and over :p). Ludovico’s music has gotten me through rough years and allowed me to express my emotions when I couldn’t put them to words and he’s forever my hero for giving me such a gift



sam eisenberg

@All Good Thank you

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