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I giorni
Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics

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Antonio Schuck

This songs explains why lyrics are not always necessary. One of the most beautiful piano songs ever written.

Dio Brando

I searched up I, giornno and this popped up so I don’t like it

Oliver Papke KOMPONIST

True words

Nils Svanstedt

Daan Lam the difference between what you think and reality is that reality is factual, just because you think a song doesn’t require lyrics it does not mean that it is true

hayhay sorbonash

This tune have a lyrics man , An indian song copy the music


@Nils Svanstedt
Its a masterpiece by Ludovico wtf...

So Carlos Santana doesnt talk with its guitar, apparently half of Ludovicos are not songs, what about religious, gregorian and so on?

Something logical I found...
Songs are looked at as 200% ownership you get 100% credit for the instrument or music part and 100% for the lyrics. While you can register the music as a song you can’t register just the lyrics technically. Lyrics without music are generally consider a poem until it is set to music. Music on the other hand is a song because it it has musical substance and therefore is considered a song.

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Joseph Cacciatore

Listening to this song is like listening to a story that only your own mind can tell you.

Elizabeth Neville

So very true. I was mesmerised the first time I heard it and it seemed the perfect choice for my father's funeral as it told his story so very well.

Rohit Deshmukh

So so true

Haqqi Fawzy


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