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I giorni
Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics

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Jeremiah King

@George Howard Who says that no religious God has been proven to exist? Here's one proof for the existence of God.

All motion requires an outside force to act on it Ex. dominoes falling
If something is moving, than something else most have acted on it
Something most have also acted on that for that to move
There must be a first "mover" to begin the chain of motion
This could not go on infinitely because all the subsequent movers only move inasmuch as the first mover has moved them
The first mover must not be acted upon and unmoved himself because the action must be generated of himself or it would be an infinite chain.
That first mover is God

For those who still say, "Why couldn't the universe be infinite and thus no first mover required?" The universe has not been existing for an infinite amount of time and here's why. Frankly if the universe was infinite then everything that could have happened would have happened because there is an infinite amount of time for everything to have happened. As some believe all the energy would be evenly dispersed throughout the universe as all comes to a stand still.

Pax Christi

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Joseph Cacciatore

Listening to this song is like listening to a story that only your own mind can tell you.

Salvatore Carnovale

Sorry this song it " s shared by milions of person .Thath is mind thath song is universale .We are umans , every one different , but ssme time we can joint eand fill the seme sensetion

Piano D

Own Heart*

Sophie Abigial Hudson x x

Wow.... so true


Dio 🐷


Or disappointment

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Giulio Salvi

The comment section of every Einaudi's song is like youtube's heaven, no hating, everyone loving, enjoing the music and asking themselves how anyone in this world could dislike a song like this.


It’s cleaned up

Abigale Smith


Antonio Krmek

Because this man transmits love , positivity and freedom , so thats what he receives back

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