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Lyldoll Lyrics

When I'm around you I feel grace surround me, spinning on my head I can't go to bed Everything's too good to be true I would
Take this moment and lock in a little glass jar forever, marvel at it once you
Fucked around and we're not together
At least that's how I think
Smoke a little weed
Pour another drink
I know I can be a downer
But my ways are just a product of surroundings
I know sound astounding,
But in the house I'm a basic
Swimming in my circles
Playing all my records
And I can only hope you're here when I'm at forever
My rain pours harder than most
I hope I'm just the kind of daughter
that my mother wanted
I hope I bring her honor
And at the end of the day that I'm not like my father, keeping in all my tears in till it's Becomes a problem
Moment of silence
When the mood just keeps on feeling like a hell hole
I try to keep my heart high and my head low
Holding grudges helped nobody so it's better to grow
It's better grow
When my choices keep on leading to a dead road
Time to pack up all the baggage make a new home

My rain pours harder than most

My rain pours harder than most

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