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Santa's Messin' With The Kid
Lynyrd Skynyrd Lyrics

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Santa come' once a year, we all know
Didn't use my chimney, had a key to my do'
Oh, Lord, look what Santa did
(He's messin' with me)
Call it Merry Christmas?
I say Santa's messin' with The Kid

Overall Meaning

In Lynyrd Skynyrd's song Santa's Messin' With The Kid, the band uses the metaphor of Santa Claus causing chaos and disruption in the life of "The Kid." The chorus suggests that instead of calling it a "Merry Christmas," it should be recognized that Santa is actually causing trouble. The lyrics imply that the traditional celebration of Christmas is being turned on its head by Santa's unexpected behaviors. The phrase "Oh Lord, look what Santa did" suggests that the Kid is not happy with the chaos that Santa has caused in their life and that they are struggling to reconcile Santa's actions with the traditional Christmas cheer.

Overall, the lyrics suggest a sense of disillusionment with the traditional expectations of Christmas, and challenge listeners to rethink what the holiday really means. The song seems to be questioning the idea that Christmas is necessarily a time of joy and celebration, and instead invites listeners to consider the potential downsides and complications that can arise during the holiday season.

Line by Line Meaning

Santa come' once a year, we all know
Santa Claus visits us once a year during Christmas time, a fact that's well known to everybody

Didn't use my chimney, had a key to my do'
Santa Claus didn't enter my house through the chimney as depicted in popular culture, instead he had a key to my door

Oh, Lord, look what Santa did
The speaker is expressing surprise or shock at something that Santa Claus did

(He's messin' with me)
The speaker is implying that Santa Claus did something mischievous or troublesome that's affecting him

Call it Merry Christmas?
The speaker is questioning whether it's appropriate to call it a 'Merry Christmas' given what Santa Claus has done

I say Santa's messin' with The Kid
The speaker reiterates his belief that Santa Claus is purposely causing trouble for him

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Comments from YouTube:

Scott Berryhill

Love some Lynard Skynyrd

Daniel ODurrig

Nice blues jam.

michael riffey

Have this cd love it


good oldl Santa is rockin round ther corner...

Rollo Tomasi

Oh yeah.......smooth, very smooth......😃😇😍

Lucas Mendez

Hi! ¿¿can someone tell me what the lyric says at 3:07 ???

David Ledford

allen, look what s anta did..?????/

Lucas Mendez

Thank youuu. For a second I thought it say something else like ''' that's true''' not that's right. That end isn't uploaded on internet lyrics. I'm spanish that's why sometimes is complicated for me.


Lucas Mendez he says "oh, that's right, messin' with the kid"

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