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Down South Jukin'
Lynyrd Skynyrd Lyrics

Well, Billy Joe told me ,well everything's lookin' fine
He got the place all secure, got the icebox full of wine
He said, now hurry on all and don't be late
I got three lovely ladies who just won't wait
We'll do some down south jukin', lookin' for some peace of mind

Now put your Sunday pants, lets get out on the road
We've been workin' all week and I think its time we let go
We got three fine mamas sitting all alone
Gonna sip our wine, gonna get it on
And do some down south jukin, lookin' for some peace of mind

Well, come Monday morning we'll be headed out to the the field
We'll be doin' everything for papa and ol' Uncle Bill
Well, come Friday night we'll be headed to town
Tryin' to pick up any woman hanging around
And do some down south jukin', lookin' for some peace of mind
And do some down south jukin', lookin' for some peace of mind
And do some down south jukin', lookin' for a peace of mind

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Comments from YouTube:

The Voices of Rick Wilkerson

This album was like a greatest hits within itself,such a great band.The album cover photo was taken in downtown Jonesboro Ga right next door to where Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed picked up the Coors in Smokey and The Bandit.Those were good old days indeed.


I used to live in Jonesboro and lovejoy...never knew that about this photo or the bandit and snowball booze pickup. Thanks for that little funfact

General jj

Oh Hell Yeah Thank you brother!

gene w

@The Voices of Rick Wilkerson I am a big fan and player of blues, jazz, bluegrass, classical, chamber music, rock, hair bands, old school heavy metal and other styles, but the older I get (58 now) early Southern rock like LS is closest to my soul. Rock on sweet angels, rock on.

The Voices of Rick Wilkerson

@gene w Thanks gene w and same to you!

gene w

Great comment bro. Good to know. Thank you and agreed 100% God bless

Steven Reents

One of the greatest truly American bands to grace the planet!

James Perkins

It was great to be a Southern kid in the 70's!

James Walker

..and it's great to be a "southern man" now!! Greetings from F L A

Foster Robbins

I’m 13 and listen to this band

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