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When You Die
MGMT Lyrics

I'm not that nice
I'm mean and I'm evil
Don't call me nice
I'm gonna eat your heart out
I've got some work to do
Baby, I'm ready
I'm ready, ready, ready to blow my lid off


Go fuck yourself
You heard me right
Don't call me nice again
Don't you have somewhere to be at seven thirty?
Baby, I'm ready
I'm ready, ready, ready to blow my brains out

You die
And words don't do anything
It's permanently night
And I won't feel anything
We'll all be laughing with you when you die
Words don't do anything
It's permanently night
And I won't feel anything
We'll all be laughing with you when you die

Go fuck yourself
I'm mean, not nice
You said it twice
You said it twice
Don't you have somewhere to be at seven thirty?

I've got some work to do
I'm gonna eat your heart out
I heard you the first time

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Andrew Wells Vanwyngarden, Ariel Marcus Rosenberg, Benjamin Nicholas Huner Goldwasser

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Duck Ie

So I can relate to the feeling you have about dying.

A couple years back, my brother overdosed me with fentanyl.
My heart stopped six times in the hospital.
I remember being conscious then fading out to the sound of the heart monitor flatlining.
It was a trip.

Ever since that day, I’ve felt like maybe I’m in a coma or maybe I did die and this is some sort of parallel reality or that it is all just my whole life being played out in some sort of virtual reality.
It’s weird.

PaZuZu 666

@JingleSwag funny, reminded me of an acid-trip I had back in late Aug '93...

Everything was going well, I was sat on my window-sill, chuffing a nice doob, enjoying the last of the late-summer evenings sun-sets, whilst knocking back a bottle o' red-label Thunderbird, plus I'd just gubbed the second tab, so decided I'd put some choons on...

Yea, too bad I didn't remember what cassette was in the deck, Slayer-Seasons in The Abyss...

Yea, just as the first song is starting, nice heavy double-bass drum-riff c/w some nice tremolo-arm screams on the gee-tars, I hear this deep, echoing, laughter " BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH"... so I'm thinking, "don't remember that shit", as I turn to look towards the Hi-Fi...

Yea, standing by the Hi-Fi, there's this 7 to 8-foot tall shadow, of a beef-cake guy with a bulls-head, and to my left is what looks like the silhouetted-chick from the opening/ending-credits of thon 70's show, "Tales of The Unexpected", gyrating those hips, & shaking those nip's like a good 'un...

Aye, fun times with ol' Choro..."kek"

Edit: suppose I should add, everywhere else I looked were tortured faces, hence the recall, with all those skulls :o)

Laura P

My interpretation is that he dies from the light above the stage falling on his head and the rest of the clip is his near brain-death experience progressing into actual brain-death.

@0:00 this is actually the final image shown in the film clip, just before his brain dies
@0:03 faces morphing into what looks like a bloody cerebral cortex
@0:05 Amorphous screams of people in the bar screaming "HEY" from above jolting his brain into a hypagogic dream state
@0:10 he wakes up but everything is a dream and very heavily psychadelic, colours, lack of orientation and confused
@0:25 brain on groundhog day mode, dreaming deeply and things seem relatively normal so far to him
@0:38 he starts his performance which ultimately kills him
@0:55 stage light sparks as it falls down while he looks up at it, his memory goes no further from this point
@0:57 thought loop, memory of the day starts back over from waking up in the morning
@0:59 he wakes up, hesitates, thinks for a moment, "Haven't I just done this?"
@1:03 everything is really off this time
@1:10 pupil dilates, a "blown pupil" relating to psychadelia but also in medicine fixed, dilated pupils means traumatic brain injury
@1:16 insecurity from girlfriend looking at other guy and her not liking performance
@1:30 audience as well as the performer all look up at something above the stage which sparks and pops
@1:34 light on his head right as lyric "you die" falls
@1:37 the stage light falls from above, knocking him unconcious, but not killing him. He is literally 'seeing stars'
@1:45 his 'brain' is pulsating, hemorrhaging internally, his brain continues to dream during the subarachnoid hemorrhage
@2:06 he wakes up on the operating table or ambulance, he is having flashes of reality as he is transported to hospital
@2:13 doctor 2 shakes his head, he won't make it
@2:27 he is still alive and an organ donation transplant starts taking place, they are opening his thorax rather than the head which is where the light that killed him landed. NDE reportees often state they see themselves from 3rd person above
@2:33 parts removed and given to doctor
@2:42 arms folded, medical practitioners performing the Ritual of Honor for an organ donee out of respect for their sacrifice
@3:00 late stages of his brain death now, things stop making sense, thought loop over his last actions but they are strongly hypnagogic and psychadelic in nature as brain has no oxygen
@3:06 everything jumbled up now, a man in the audience is now pouring the cereal he had for breakfast
@3:16 he sees his loved ones for a final time - body completely still and unmoving
@3:24 final surge of adrenaline, possibly during agonal breathing stages, a final desperate reflex to stay alive, causing panic and fear
@3:33 realisation of death sets in
@3:43 bloody brain imagery metaphoric of subarachnoid hemorrhage as a result of the light falling on him
@4:07 fade to black, death, thoughts restart again at @0.00 again and he repeats the loop once more, over and over forever

Martine Martin

@Doot02 Arthur morgan : I.. Guess afraid...

You know what me too.. But it's our instinct to be afraid of death.. Because the brain purpose is to be alive.. And it's logic we are afraid of dying because for the brain it's nonsense and scary even more when your brain remember your trip.. Sometimes in my life I passed out.. Death is not like sleeping and when you pass out you get a little bit of death experience.. It's blackness first like when you turn of a TV... You shoot.. "shit ! Am I dying?! Oh it's really too bad! I haven't finished my life yet" .. And you start to feel more numb your thoughts are fading and you don't feel scared but.. Confuse and lost.. And nothing..emptyness no emotion, nothing
But! Hopefully for me I just passed out

You start feel movement outside your head

You start to ear a glimpse of sounds like voices or wind

And you wake up.

Maybe too fast
You are confuse
And suddenly you realize

"OH it what it feels like"

Not exactly maybe but for me it suffice.

All comments from YouTube:

Drunk Pastor

MGMT understand true psychedelia - this video is fucking gold. The lyrics are perfect, the music is perfect. I know I'm not the only one who'll say this but I've been listening to them for like 11 years, seeing them be one of the first indie bands to seriously blast off was inspiring as fuck to all independent musicians, and I feel like in these crazy fucking times MGMT deserves a serious comeback. I can't wait for the new album. I feel like I'm 16 again. But not. Ya know? It's strange but wonderful.

Electronic Farts

Pretty much every like is someone that has been on the shrooms lol

Zaid Flowers

@Tommy Garson the ones that made it not many did


Adam and Ben are amazing artist! They could have easily sold out and made a ton of money but they didn’t want some Hollywood agent to tell them what to do. So much respect to them. And yes they got it man. 😎🙏 only other psychonauts get it 😉


Ive been listening for only like 2-3years haha

Tommy Garson

I don't get what you mean by saying they're one of the first indie bands to take off. every band is an indie band before it takes off

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This song hits different when you die.
because ya'know, you're like, dead and stuff


I envisioned skinny pete saying this, sounds like something he would say

Matthew Farr

Don’t watch it normally

Ian Flannery

can relate

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