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Your Life Is a Lie
MGMT Lyrics

Here's the deal
Open your eyes
Your life is a lie
Don't say a word
I'll tell you why
You're living a lie
Your life is a lie
But you deny, you ever lied
Wondering why
Bury your life
Count your friends
On your hands
Now look again
They're not your friends
Hold your breath
Everyone left
No surprise
Living a lie

Tell your wife
This is your life
Your life is a lie
This is your wife
Now she knows, she understands
Her life is a lie
Nobody wins
Try not to cry
You'll survive
On your own

Lessons in life
Your life is a lie
Now there's no time
Wondering why
Where in the world
Is that girl?
He knows she's alright
To live a life
Waiting to die
Not knowing that
Your life is a lie
Wondering why
Nobody writes
Hollow inside
Periods in light
Fire and ice
Your life is a lie
Your life is a lie
Your life is a lie
Your life is a lie
On your own
One more time
Your life is a lie

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I think a lot of people don't understand what this song is about.
It starts of really shocking and if you don't listen you'll get a depression message from it, ''your life is a lie'', But i believe this song is actually quite positive, it tells the listener that their life is a lie and that your friend's are not your real friends, but it also says that you will survive, and that you don't have to depend on others to make you happy.
I agree with this song a lot, people depend too much on others to understand them but sometimes people just can't, but you shouldn't let that get you down, You CAN survive on your own and if you break free from the lie that you need your ''friends''.
For anyone who's feeling depressed out there: I'm sorry that circumstances have been so poor for you that you to feel so worthless, But things get better eventually, some people need help and if you are in need of help please seek out a therapist or a close friend, But don't depend only on them, try to make yourself happy by doing what you love and don't care what others may think.
I hope everyone reading this are doing good, and if you're not then i hope you'll feel good soon.
People out there love you, no matter who you are <3

Fear evan

I like to represent how I want to because art Is what you make of it

Jaylins World

Yeah I understand this but I think the song was deeper than all of us. Deeper than what you said.

Jess MacKendrick

Yeah- and leans toward a vaguely Buddhist view- People are not 'awake' but constantly on autopilot/living as in a dream. Of course, the video/flavour of the song (and the fact it was written on LSD) argue that it's another song about psychedelics giving a powerful sense that what you thought were reality and the self are illusory - what excited Huxley, Leary, and the 60s musicians who read them, as if the 5-HT2A receptor was somehow a gateway to enlightenment.

Rubber Duckian

The song is going more towards the quirky feeling of irony when you decide to laugh it off an important aspect of your life that others, by common sence, would have a hard time coping with. Also, responding to Paul Googol reply you can't control life tight enough to prevent other into messing with it. Hence this song is not about others fucking up, us about what you do when those fuck ups fuck your own life. Shrug it off and keep on living.


@Yassir Bouraya Well no one asked if you ask

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Why is it that i don't enjoy an mgmt song the first time, but i absolutely love it the second?


most great jokes dont land the first time, its why the taoists have been entertaining the same jokes for centuries!

Theo Myling

the sign of good music my friend:)

Rubber Duckian

The same reason why you vibe with the second album and your get a confusion crisis on the second.

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