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The Illest Villains
by Madvillain

As luck would have it, one of america's two most powerful villains of the next decade is turned loose to strike terror into the hearts of men

Who shock women into uncontrolled hysteria

"don't touch that!"

The villains themselves were ultimately responsible for much of the popularity
Audiences loved to hate
The importance of the villain was not overlooked, of course one of the worst of all was madvillain
They had no code of ethics

"what's the matter, a guy was only tryin' to have fun-"
"get to work on these boys, anybody bring a gun for me?"
"yeah here's one."

Not one but two - typical villain releases included

"I know they wanna kiss me, but don't let anyone see me like that - please doctor help me!"

And a sequel

"master of all-"

Both the villains were to meet in

"your mother was the lightning!"

Two historical figures, outlaws and desperadoes if that
The villainous pair of really nice boys who just
Happened to be on the wrong side of the law
Three hundred and sixty degrees
Similar sequences could not be defeated
Villains who possess supernatural abilities
Villains who were the personification of carnage
Madvillain, more accurately, the dark side of our beings
Perhaps it is due to this seminal connection
That audiences can relate their experience
In life with the villains and their dastardly doings

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suicide LEOPARD

This gave birth to Some Rap Songs

Ghost Behind

@Ol Dirty Killa Sounds like you never heard of the album. The similarity is there.

Ol Dirty Killa

@JS W yeah I'm sorry. I can see what you mean. Just don't really like him he's not bad but I just don't think he deserves all the credit he gets.


@Ol Dirty Killa I'm Just saying that Earl got his inspiration from this album. Damn chill.

Ol Dirty Killa

Earl Sweatshirt is trash don't bring his name up to DOOM.

Ghost Behind

This gave birth to Some Rappers

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I'm 14 years late to this album, forgive me god.

The Hive Productions

Same. I’m 16. I’ve been knowing about this album which put me on to DOOM. I’ve never listened fully until a couple months ago.


I'm 15

Mr.ZombieRIPper 氏ゾンビリッパー

Rob DeNicola that I will most definitely do

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