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by Marika Takeuchi

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237 You've hindered me for far too long You've bored me with…
Anacrusis Life seems to stand still in time As the soul retires,…
Bret Michaels I like the way you move Oh it's just so sexy…
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Everon I've been roaming about the streets of New York City I've…
Foxtrott Maybe a wider us knows the way Maybe some part of…
Inner Surge You think that no one notices You scream and no one…
Jawbreaker A darker power. Thick blood inside a flower. A beast who pre…
Jay Tighe The road may seem a little long, I may not…
Michaels Bret I like the way you move Oh it's just so sexy…
Numb I have mirrors, one for each of you I reserve…
Orphanage Driven Empty your own head. River of the world. No one …
Peter Hammill "I know you haven't got the thread of the story…
Psycore I try to fill the hole in my soul Always wanting…
Rush Driven up and down in circles Skidding down a road of…
Scheer See, I can't feel, I can't breath, I am smitten Even…
Sevendust (Stop the man) From endin' up with all the chips so…
The Cross Movement (Phanatik) Birth date, da dah dash da dah dash now Now wha…
Triosphere What we have here is a deck of cards With the…
Veda Hille I need this depression, it keeps my heart rate down (She…
Z-Star Driven away by you again But it won't change the way…

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Comments from YouTube:

Lejon Xifer

~My wishes float to the night sky,
~Becoming the radiant stars,
~Where my love and joy will never die,
~For they are pieces of my heart.

~No matter where I am or what I do,
~I will live everyday to see the stars view,
~Even when the summer turns into autumn,
~My wishes will never be forgotten.

~The sun falls, the moon rises,
~Your sky will always be bright,
~Find your star passed the horizon,
~In the glamorous twilight night.

I hope you like it! ^-^

-Lejon X.

AsHlee BrOwN

Omg i have seen you on almost all of these video's i just wanted to say i like your poems a lot keep doing them plz✌

Anh Kiệt Trần

~ Lost in endless roads,
~ Don't know where to go,
~ Lonely find my own way,
~ Go find somewhere to stay,

~ Stepping on the long road,
~ Looking at the sky above,
~ Raising the hands to star,
~ And want to reach it afar,

~ Dancing to my melody,
~ Something burns in memories,
~ Thousands of tunes echo,
~ Thousands of dreams drifted off,

~ Painting the distant sky,
~ For the dreams to be the stars,
~ Stars will always sparkle,
~ Warm my freezing heart,

~ Tick,Tock...the clock starts ringing,
~ Everything is back to the original,



i tought it was maria takeuchi :P

ark hunter

When I realize the channel name is my soul your beat. Feels like a knife to my heart

Lendin Swiftbolt

This is actually just what I needed on a day like this. Thank you.

Yasser Rahem

thank you for sharing this wonderful masterpiece



Bastian Vergara

Beautifull :')

Sayaka Suzuki

The fifth time I comment on YouTube video
I love it 🥰

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