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More Money
Mat McHugh Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'More Money' by these artists:

Joshua Morin I'm gonna fly us out to Mexico I'm gonna drink…
Patexxx Wi a talk to the leaders The church an the politician…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Mat McHugh:

A Pocketful Of Shells I got a pocket full of shells, And not much of…
Bad Blood The queen is in the parking lot Counting all the things…
Breaking your Fall Some days seem complicated, other days don't seem like nothi…
Go Don't Stop I've been holding out for way too long, been hoping you…
It Isn't Me no, don't you say you love me when you don't love…
Love Come Save Me what would you say if we had never wasted, all of…
No One Left to Blame And when the stars are busy falling at your feet Would…
Strange Days All last night Well I dreamt I was free. Free from both…
Under The Landslide I love my god, god made love I love my god,…

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Comments from YouTube:

evan harris

You speak to the people


more sin? DAFUQ?


@Narutoboiii I believe he uses the term 'sin' within the same context of 'wickedness', however, if this is the case then it is redundant.

Or he is more likely referring 'sin' of the Christian bible. Sin which includes greed, arrogance and selfishness with disregard to other people.

In any case, it came along with the lyrics of the song in a negative connotation. ("More money, problems, greed, less sense" etc.) So he's trying to make the case that our current state of humanity, we are committing negative actions, and sin is one of them

Sorry if I sounded like an asshole when I first commented, I didn't mean to come out aggressively.


@Psychstix No I honestly don't..


Whatever, you get the idea.

Mark Bennett

I've been flogging the hell outta this ep mate. Good job.


Awesome song and video :)

Uma Câmera na Mão e o Pé na Estrada

+jtreehugger :)


This is so true! Dem terrorists be like "WAR MOR WAR" so house prices go up. DAFUQ! I DONT GET IT!

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