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A Simple Request
by Matthew Taranto

I don't want a lot for Christmas
All I need to get my fix is
You, the one I've been pursuing
Since March 1986

My non-hate for you is real
Just one touch and then you will
Make my wish come true!
All I want for Christmas... is you.

With you I could conquer Hyrule
Fill the land with monstrous bats
No one could escape from my rule,
Even jerks with dumb green hats!

We could work together, lover!
I'll take charge while you look good
Folks will be shocked to discover
Ashes where their homes once stood

I just want those who resist to
Tremble 'neath my iron fist!
Forget Nabooru...
All I want for Christmas is you...

All the lights are shining so brightly everywhere...
And the sound of children screaming fills the air!
And everyone is seeing...
Skull Kid:
Their friends and family fleeing!

Santa won't you bring me the one I need to prove
I'm a much better villain than these four dudes!

Power, true, is fine and dandy
Throwing punches like they're bombs
Courage would be very handy
For those boring chats with Mom

Wisdom is the final key
For clenching my sweet victory!
I'm long overdue...
All I want for Christmaaas... iiis...

You, you, yooouuu!

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Jason McCluskey

on Plumber's Best Friend

Hi, My names Yoshi
I think I love you
I'll be your best pal
Specially when you don't want me to!
We'll go for walks and travel the frontier
When you go away I'll be right here
When you are lonely
I'll give you comfort
And when you're hurt
I'll carry yo friend
Your my provider
Even when I'm bad
Oh by the way, I'm
Sorry about the egg in your den
Whether the weather
We'll stick together
Flowers and feathers
Are our playthings
That's the way things
Just you and me pal
Hero and his steed
You're all I need
And if we slip up
Just know that
While I cant finish
This adventure with you
Your my best buddy and I'm just glad that..
I could be a part of your life and your heart too.
Thanks for the memories. Keep your eye out for me......
Maybe one day soon we'll meet again!

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