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Europe After the Rain
Max Richter Lyrics

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Réjean Desrosiers

C’est dans tes yeux
Dans tes yeux
Qu’éclate la pluie
Qu’éclate la lumière
C’est après la pluie
Que j’hésite à te regarder
J’ai peur
J’ai peur de te trouver
J’ai peur de me perdre
J’ai vu dans mes yeux
L’histoire que je te conte
J’ai peur
Le soleil se montre
J’ai peur

Réjean Desrosiers © 2015 09 19 ☮ 006

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M Lee

Interesting bit of lyrics at the beginning. "Night does away with colours. It let's blaze the colour of the soul." 

Superduper Typ

The album is amazing, shocking, breathtaking, emotional love it...

little Vixen

Dying for the sheet music. Does anyone know where to find it? This is breathtaking music. Has me in tears every time.

Zen Rhys

@IOB O'Byrne Well I found it helpful :)

IOB O'Byrne

and i am 5 years late

IOB O'Byrne

hi, ive just done a quick google and found the following site . doesn't have this actual one but I posted just in case you find these useful

Marissa Grazioli

"night does away with colors, it lets blaze the color of the soul"

Aria David

+Marissa G The Book of Questions - Jabes

Nathállia Marques

this is my entire heart and soul

Emmanuel Pousse

I read many interesting comments below; thank you for these...

Perhaps just a few facts worth being reminded of, which Wikipedia does pretty well for us: Mar Richter "has been an influential voice in post-minimalist composition and in the meeting of contemporary classical and alternative popular musical styles since the early 2000s".

On Memoryhouse, Wikipedia, still: "Considered a “landmark work of contemporary classical music", Max Richter's solo debut Memoryhouse, an experimental album of "documentary music" recorded with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, explores real and imaginary stories and histories. Several of the tracks, such as "Sarajevo", "November", "Arbenita", and "Last Days", deal with the aftermath of the Kosovo conflict, while others are of childhood memories e.g. "Laika's Journey". The music combines ambient sounds, voices (including that of John Cage), and poetry readings from the work of Marina Tsvetaeva. BBC Music described the album as "a masterpiece in neoclassical composition."

I feel lucky to live in an era which gives me access to such quality music and such body of work...

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