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Max Richter Lyrics

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Del Winterbottom Books Author Of Brilliant Fiction

best thing you can do with the ignorant, is leave them, avoid them, or if
you're really smart, lure them to those like them...those who are ignorant as
well, and then stand back and watch, or wait, for ignorance attracts, and just
stand, and wait, and watch...all the ignorance - hear the bluster, see those
fights of no reason, those fists launching for no reason other than to be the
winner of a prize for the best fool, and the prize to the best fool is more
ignorance, and like an anchor, ignorance will pull the fools deeper into the
depths of a dark and despairful sea, and you can just stand there and watch all
the ignorance, and you can laugh if you want to, but just make sure the
ignorant do not see you because if they do, then they will want to spread their
ignorance to you, the chaos they negatively create, and they will want
desperately to try and force you to become a fool like them, they will try to
spread their anger into you - and that is why you must stray from the ignorant
- ignorance is a plague for the meek, the weak-minded, and you cannot do
anything for those ignorant fools, for they are so far in despair, they
actually think they are wise, they think they are king, god even, but they are
overcome with delusion, and they are nothing, and they may end their life,
without understanding why, in the bowls of ignorance, choking their soul. They
think they are dominant, they are fools, they think they have fire/power in
their hands, and they think they know how to use it - even more evident of
their ignorance - they think they can control the fire, they think they can
control and attain more power, and then harness that power, and they believe
that all will be attracted to them, and to the ignorant it may seem so, that
they are liked by all, but all the ignorant will attract, is more ignorance,
and ignorance spreads, and makes more people ignorant, and suddenly ignorance
is all around the wise, and the wise prefer it this way, the more ignorance,
the more the wise shine, and the more they can feed the ignorant with
ignorance, and there are crowds all being drawn to the ignorant - and all these
people, with potential to be wise, are falling into a trap - the ignorance
trap - and like being near someone with a bug, there's a good chance you might catch
that bug - ignorance is that bug, and so many have it.

Del Winterbottom.

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Sameoldfitup The Department Of Transport & Travel.

โ€œCome, little leaves," said the Wind one day, "Come to the meadows with
me and play. Put on your dresses of red and gold; For Summer is past,
and the days grow cold.โ€
George Cooper

M Brontรซ

this is what sadness sounds like, who new sadness could sound so beautiful.

Connar McGregor

This is amazing. The image in this video fits so well with the song. That foggy path with the autumn trees combined with the music just takes me some where else.

EHS Dark

The most beautiful sound I have heard in my whole life ๐Ÿ๐Ÿฅ€๐Ÿ’€โค๏ธ

Sameoldfitup The Department Of Transport & Travel.

โ€œI do an awful lot of thinking and dreaming about things in the past and
the future - the timelessness of the rocks and the hills - all the
people who have existed there. I prefer winter and fall, when you feel
the bone structure of the landscape - the loneliness of it, the dead
feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn't
Andrew Wyeth.

M Brontรซ



feels like i'm deep in space

Renรกn Zelada

OMG this was indeed enlightening and fascinating! Thank you for posting!

Immanifest Official

Perfect. Thanks for this upload!

EHS Dark

so beautiful โค๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’€

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