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Max Richter Lyrics

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This is hauntingly beautiful.


Yep. Parts were included in the ‘shutter’ soundtrack

Fazilet Harezmsah

I think he is the greatest composer in our present time

Evert Kramer

Beautiful, sadness, tears, emotion... It's all what come to mind while listening to this 'song'. This is such a wonderful song by Max Richter. It has so much emotion in it... This really means something to me!

pedro ruiz lasida

No me queda otra cosa que la soledad y su silenciosa presencia...esa que me acaricia en su invisibilidad y me besa sin darme cuenta.
No se ve a nadie a través de las ventanas ni tampoco parece probable que alguien aparezca para regalar el azul de su sonrisa o los pétalos de colores más intensos... hasta es posible que no sepa apreciar la belleza sublime de este intentante que inspira esta canción

Lyra Avdeeva

this is really a pure beauty (I discovered this song in "the young pope")


I have this song as part of The Young Pope soundtrack. I listened to this for the first time tonight on my home theater setup with my new sub. There are some seriously low frequencies I couldn't hear but my house did. All types of vibrating going on and sounds I never heard my house make.

Wilfrid Boon

I love Max Richter's music


Deeply spiritual, deeply satisfying.

ايوب عطالله

Hey u was in a good time ✨

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