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Learnin' the Blues
by Michael Bublé

The tables are empty
The dance floor's deserted
You play the same love song
It's the tenth time you've heard it
And that's the beginning
Just one of those clues
You've had your first lesson
In learning the blues

The cigarettes you light
One after another
Won't help you forget her
Or the way that you love her
You're only burning
A torch you can't move
But you're on the right track
For learning the blues

When you're at home alone
The blues will haunt you constantly
When you're out in a crowd
The blues will haunt your memory
The nights when you don't sleep
The whole night you're crying
But you can't forget her
Soon you'll stop trying
You'll walk the floor
And wear out your shoes
When you're feeling your heart break
You're learning the blues

Contributed by Samantha H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

robert dawson

Nobody could top Frank Sinatra's voice from the Capitol years.


Whey does there always have to be so much negativity in the comments sections of YouTube? Are people so unhappy out there? Whatever. Love this song. And I sure could not sing better then he does myself so who am I to complain. I dig it all. His music keeps me chill and positive. So there you go.

Don Wilson

He absolutely MURDERS this song lovely voice........... but kills this song DEAD such a pity !

Roberto Parente

That beautiful voice!

Richardson Castro

Já falei antes, é a volta das Big Band's.......M.B !!!!!!!!!

Sophie Winter

I love Michael buble but he is quite out of tune here, never heard him off key before, he's still great though... I prefer the slower version of this song though!


Buble is very good but you FEEL the blues when Sinatra sings it. Sinatra is The Man!

miranda stone

Morning love ya love Michel buble I love ya


the first phrase... he's off key. Keep practicing, mikee.


katie melua's version is also amazing

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