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Wood in the Fire
Mighty Sparrow Lyrics

(Talk to me) I am not at peace honey
(Talk to me) tell me you love me sincerely
(Talk to me) darling don't remain silent
(Talk to me) because I love the excitement
Doobdidoob doodeeyah
For when you talk I fell like a man
And I get more zeal and inspiration
Even though I know it is mama I gizem.

Tell me you think I'm sweeter than honey,
Tell me if I ever leave you you'll kill me.
Scratch up me back bite off me ears when I ask "what's the matter?"
Tell me there's too much wood in the fire.

(Promise me) Promise me everything you wish
(Promise me) Give me in french or in spanish
(Promise me) Say something good or something bad
(Promise me) As long as I make you talk I'm glad
Doobdidoob doodeeyah
Our little love talk has turned me on
I could carry on from dusk till dawn
As long as I hear your sexy conversation.


(Do you need) Mama rev up your engine
(Do you need) Give vent to your feelings
(Do you need) Honey bunch now some at all
(Do you need) Shame to the must get on and fall
I want a nice little mournful cry
Like uhoo, uhoo, uhoo, uhoo
Whoioioi, Sparrow, byeyeye

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Comments from YouTube:

Prodigal Sun

Some just hear Calypso, but don't hear the double talk .. The brilliance in the words and the meaning . Love the mighty Sparrow .


My father played this album every day after work....never on Sundays though.... as children we didn't understand the double entendre but loved the music.


We played this at our wedding and it was awesome. Still makes me smile...


this one is for my father he use to play this song on saturdays n we would dance on his feet..... RIP clinton always remember u this is your song... luv it

Desiree Greenidge

Brings back a lot of fun memories.


My childhood right here. House parties in NYC with my parents' friends and family from the West Indies; my US-born bro, sis and me enjoying the rhythms, the melodies, the lyrics, the vernacular, the vocals, the instrumentation... meanwhile the double-entendre flying way over our heads. :)


OMG This is such a big part of my childhood.


I can recall as a child hearing this and other calypsos on the radio station every morning on 'Calypso Corner' wow!! what great memories!!

Jessica Spears

I remember all the fun with the entire family gathering at Aunty C's house and we youngsters peeking at the elders dancing. What a wonderful time.

Yvonne Bobb-Smith

Celebration! Sparrow lives! Give Praise!

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