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Miles Davis Lyrics


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Grant Koeller

January 21, 1949 – "Jeru", "Move", "Godchild", "Budo" (matrix numbers: 3395, 3396, 3397, 3398)

Miles Davis – trumpet
Kai Winding – trombone
Junior Collins – French horn
Bill Barber – tuba
Lee Konitz – alto saxophone
Gerry Mulligan – baritone saxophone
Al Haig – piano
Joe Shulman – bass
Max Roach – drums

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This actually sounds better without the crunching of run-over pedestrians' bones breaking and gunshots and sirens. Thank you GTA IV for bringing me here.

Jaime Chavez

Holy shit is this a thing??


kind of a funny song to relate too when ur playing grand theft auto.. CRUISIN down the streets smashing into everything, Pumping led into PPl on the streets while this song is all laid back and jazzy.. lol... classic.


i miss JNR in gta v


If peeing your pants is cool - consider me Miles Davis ;)

Carlos Soares

Miles & GTA: a cool couple.

Jan Dąbrowski


Langley Bryant

Carlos Soares Miles should've actually appeared in GTA 😂😂😂 he's the kinda guy who'd fit right in lol


Don't hate on GTA, old jazz folks. It introduced us to this great music, and now we can enjoy it too. GTA made more people close to jazz than music teachers at the year it came out. Or even for more :)

Kitty Love

Dorian Vaughn there’s an Amon Tobin song that samples from a Charlie Parker song, it’s called "Stoney Street."

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